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So the trade deadline came and went and the Nets took one of two necessary moves. They traded away Jason Kidd, the best thing that ever happened to the franchise. However, as I wrote before, he was traded and they needed to do it. After seeing the trade, I have to say Jason Kidd is still the best thing that ever happened to the Nets because they made out tremendously in this deal. In short, they weren’t any good with him. He’s getting old and he’s very expensive. On top of that he asked for a trade so while he seemed to be playing hard I don’t think his head was truly in it. I wish him the best and I’d hold no grudge if the Mavs win the championship, but this needed to be done.

So now, it’s done, and as I said, I think the Nets made out very well. They’re saving nearly 7 million in cap space for next year and they made off with a point guard who’s ten years younger then Jason Kidd and statistically speaking a better player right now. Granted, he’s probably not the team leader and doesn’t set quite the tone as Kidd, but he’s quicker, better defensively, he’s locked in at a very affordable price and oh btw did I mention 10 years younger. Between him and Marcus Williams I’m very confident in the Nets future at the point guard position.

Unfortunately they were not able to move Vince Carter and really get some real cap space for the summer. Instead they’ll still have him around with 4 more years left on his contract. They’re going to have to hope he can be efficient on a nightly basis for the rest of the season. Notice I didn’t say great, just efficient. If he takes good shots, gets to the basket, shoots a high percentage, doesn’t turn the ball over with stupid passes then he can be a very efficient and effective player. Whether he scores 17 points or 30 as long as he’s shooting 50% or greater, rebounding and passing well the Nets are a team to be reckoned with.

So the Nets are left with Devin Harris, Vince Carter, Richard Jefferson, Josh Boone, Marcus and Sean Williams, Maurice Ager, and Stromile Swift. There’s plenty of talent there and they’ve won 2 of 3 since the break/trade. So the questions remain how efficient will Carter be, how will the William’s and Boone develop and how will Harris fit with the team once he returns from his ankle injury?

I think they’ll find a way to make the playoffs (not saying much in the east) but unless they’re able to catch Washington for the 6 seed it’s most likely a first round exit for them. If they do catch Washington they could probably find a way to beat Orlando a good but not great team, but either way I don’t see a long playoff run in store for the Nets.

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