Here are some weird facts from last night's Mets game:

The Marlins did their best Adam Dunn impression:

  • The Marlins had only five hits -- but four were home runs.
  • The Marlins had more runs (6) than hits (5). In fact, they had only 10 base runners altogether.
  • Every single Marlin batter struck out at least once except Mike Jacobs, who grounded out in the 12th. "Every single" includes all nine starters and two pinch hitters.

The Mets got their offense from a trio of unlikely heroes:

  • Luis Castillo hit a home run. It was only his 26th career homer -- in over 5,600 at bats.
  • Endy Chavez hit a home run to tie the game in the bottom of the ninth. It was only his 17th career homer -- in over 1,800 at bats. It was also his first home run in over a year.
  • Fernando Tatis had three RBI, including two from a walkoff double. That gives him six for the year, and 29 for the past five seasons.

The Mets' bullpen was amazing, except for one pitch:

The Mets' pitchers were better than the Mets catchers -- on offense:

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