I'm picking 3 players for each position in MLB past and present.  Feel free to add comments.

C. Johnny Bench - The best catcher of all-time, 10x Gold Glove Award Winner, 14x All-Star, 2x NL MVP, Cincinnati Reds #5 Retired, Baseball HOF
C. Ivan Rodriguez - Could Argue that he is the best catcher of all-time, 13x Gold Glove Award Winner, 14x All-Star, AL MVP, 7x Silver Slugger Award Winner
C. Yogi Berra - Best New York Yankees catcher ever, 15x All-Star, 13x World Series Champion, 3x AL MVP, New York Yankees #8 Retired, Baseball HOF

1B. Lou Gehrig - Hands down the best 1B in history, 6x World Series Champion, 7x All-Star, career .340 AVG, Yankees #4 Retired,  Unanimous vote into the HOF
1B. Jimmie Foxx - 500 HR Club, 9x All-Star, 3x AL MVP, 2x World Series Champion, First Ballot HOF
1B. Eddie Murray  - 500 HR Club, 8x All-Star, 3x Gold Glove Award Winner, 3x Silver Slugger, 3,000 Hit Club, Baltimore Orioles #33 Retired, First Ballot HOF

2B. Joe Morgan - One of the Greatest 2B of All-Time, 10x All-Star, 2x NL MVP, Cincinnati Reds #8 Retired, First Ballot HOF
2B. Rogers Hornsby - 2nd Best Average in MLB History (.358) 2X NL MVP, Baseball HOF
2B. Jackie Robinson - #42 Retired by the Whole MLB, 6x All-Star, NL MVP, First Ballot HOF

3B. Mike Schmidt - Greatest 3B in MLB history, 12x All-Star selection, 10x Gold Glove Winner, 3x NL MVP, Philadelphia Phillies #20 Retired, First Ballot HOF
3B. George Brett - 3,000 Hit Club, 13x All-Star, AL MVP, 3x Silver Slugger, Kansas City Royals #5 Retired, First Ballot HOF
3B. Eddie Matthews - 500 Home Run Club, 9x All-Star, 2x World Series Champion, Atlanta Braves #41 Retired, Baseball HOF

SS. Honus Wagner - The Best SS in MLB History, 3,000 Hit Club, 8x NL Batting Champion, Pittsburgh Pirates #33 Retired, First Ballot HOF
SS. Cal Ripken Jr. - Most Consecutive Games Played (2,632), 19x All-Star, 2x AL MVP, Baltimore Orioles #8 Retired, First Ballot HOF
SS. Ozzie Smith - Nicknamed the "Wizard of Oz", 15x All-Star, 13x Gold Glove Winner, St. Louis Cardinals #1 Retired, First Ballot HOF

LF. Stan Musial - One of the greatest players in MLB history, 3,000 Hit Club, 24x All-Star, 3x NL MVP, St. Louis Cardinals #6 Retired, First Ballot HOF
LF. Ted Williams - Career .344 Average, 17x All-Star, 2x AL MVP, Boston Red Sox #9 Retired, MLB Record Career .482 OBP, First Ballot HOF
LF. Rickey Henderson - 3,000 Hit Club, MLB Record 1,406 Career SB, MLB Record 130 SB in a season, 10x All-Star, Most Career Runs (2,295), First Ballot HOF

CF. Willie Mays - One of the greatest players of All-Time, 660 Career HRs, 20x All-Star, 12x Gold Glove Winner, San Francisco Giants #24 Retired, First Ballot HOF
CF. (Active) Ken Griffey Jr. - 621 Career HRs, AL MVP, 10x Gold Glove Winner, 13x All-Star, No Doubt Future HOF
CF. Ty Cobb - 4,189 Hits, Greatest career batting average in MLB history (.367), AL MVP, 52 Career Steals of Home (MLB record), Baseball HOF

RF. Babe Ruth - The greatest player in MLB history, 714 Career HRs, .342 Career AVG, 7x World Series Champion, New York Yankees #3 Retired, Baseball HOF
RF. Hank Aaron - 755 Career HRs, 3,000 Hit Club, 2,297 RBI Most All-Time, 25x All-Star, NL MVP, Milwaukee Brewers, Atlanta Braves #44 Retired, First Ballot HOF
RF. Frank Robinson - 12x All-Star, only player in MLB History with NL MVP, and AL MVP, Cincinnati Reds, Baltimore Orioles #20 Retired, Baseball HOF

SP. Walter Johnson - 417 career wins, 3,508 career K's, 2.17 ERA, 110 career shutouts, 2x AL MVP, Baseball HOF
SP. Sandy Koufax - 2,000 K Club, 6x All-Star, 3x Cy Young Winner, NL MVP, pitched a perfect game, Los Angeles Dodgers #32 Retired, First Ballot HOF
SP. Bob Gibson - 3,000 K Club, Season Record 1.12 ERA, St. Louis Cardinals #45 Retired, 2x NL Cy Young Winner, 9x Gold Glove Winner, First Ballot HOF

RP. Mariano Rivera (active) - One of the greatest closers in MLB history, 510 Saves, 10x All-Star, 4x Rolaids Relief Man of the Year, 3x MLB Saves Champion, 4x World Series Champion
RP. Dennis Eckersley - Eckersley was a part time starter, and a closer. 390 Career Saves, 2,000 K Club, 1992 AL MVP and AL Cy Young, Oakland Athletics #43 Retired, First Ballot HOFer
RP. Rollie Fingers - 310 Career Saves, AL Cy Young, 3x World Series Champion, Milwaukee Brewers, Oakland Athletics #34 Retired, Baseball HOF

DH. Paul Molitor - Only DH in the HOF, 7x All-Star, Milwaukee Brewers #4 Retired, First Ballot HOF DH. Frank Thomas - Thomas is part of the 500 HR Club, 2,000 Hit CLub, and he has a .301 Career Batting Average, and 1,704 Career RBIs, HE should be a future HOF. DH. (Active)David Ortiz - 302 Career HRs, 1,018 Career RBIs, 1,397 Career Hits, and he is a 5X All-Star, 4X Silver Slugger, and a 2x World Series Champion. (all of the stats are counting)

Notables - Mel Ott, Al Kaline, Roberto Clemente, Tony Gwynn, Joe DiMaggio, Mickey Mantle, Barry Bonds, Willie Stargell, Robin Yount, Derek Jeter, Brooks Robinson, Ernie Banks, Roy Campanella, Tom Seaver, Randy Johnson, Warren Spahn, Cy Young, Greg Maddux, Trevor Hoffman, Josh Gibson, Nap Lajoie, Lefty Grove, Grover Alexander, Christy Mathewson

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