I used to work with a guy named Carlos Blanco and for fun we nicknamed him "Chuck White". This is because his name when Englishized was roughly Charles White. I later found out it was more akin to Carl White, but whatever... I used to ask him "what's it like to win a Heisman?" and other esoteric references. He had no idea what any of it meant, but it was fun to me and my co-workers.

Everyone knows Jose Mesa has a fun name. When translated from Spanish into English he becomes "Joe Table".

And thus, he is the patron saint of the fun game of translating people's names...

The Joe Table Game

Here's a list I started, mostly of guys who have nouns for surnames. Feel free to add some you have found. Some are debatable due to variations, but I tried to stay true to the names they are known by and the closest equivalents. Feel free to adjust my mistakes, my Spanish is not muy bueno.

And don't add fake ones like:


O!F, it's Omar Vizquel's Arch Nemesis! (I'll always remember Mesa as a San Francisco Giant)

Eric Gagne - Eric Saves Records are Bogus

Eric Lindros - Eric Made of Glass

John Kruk - Jose Gordo


Derek Jeter - Sucks

Straight translations only, please!

English/Spanish Category

Grant Hill - Concesión Colina

Pete Rose - Pedro se Levantó

Tiger Woods - Tigre Maderas

Jim Brown - Diego Marrón

Jerry Rice - Geraldo Arroz

Reggie White - Riccardo Blanco

Michael Jordan - Miguel Jordania

Larry Bird - Lencho Pájaro

Reggie Miller - Riccardo Molinero

Alex English - Alejandro Inglés

Tom Chambers - Tomás Compartimientos

Johnny Bench - Juan Banco

Larry Walker - Lencho Caminante

David Wells - David Pozos

Jeff Weaver - Godofredo Tejedor

Dwyane Wade - Dwyane Bamboleo

Mark Grace - Marco Tolerancia

Prince Fielder - Príncipe Centro Campo

Lefty Grove - Zurdo Arboleda

Catfish Hunter - Siluro Cazador

Bob Lemon - Roberto Limón

Urban Shocker - Urbano Escándalo

Jimmy Key - Diego Llave

Jerry West - Geraldo del Oeste

Philip Rivers - Felipe Ríos

Vince Young - Vincente Joven

Spanish/English Category

Roberto Clemente - Bob Merciful

Miguel Tejada - Michael Tiled

Sammy Sosa - Sam Soda

Jorge Posada - George Inn

Guillermo Mota - Bill Speck

Pedro Guerrero - Pete Soldier

Miguel Cabrera - Michael Goatherd

Roberto Alomar - Bob To Ridge

Melvin Mora - Melvin It Dwells

Jose Cruz - Joe Cross

Carlos Pena - Carl Pain

Tony Oliva - Tony Trims Off Lower Branches

"Other" Category

Jean Luc Grand-Pierre - John Luke Big Peter (from French)

Go Ahead! Add More! You know you want to!

There's plenty I didn't think of or haven't listed. This was just a start!

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