Fall is almost here, and as such, football camps are getting into full swing this week. Time for us beat reports to have something to talk about. As such time to talk about the Gang Green, and this rumor about them and Brett Favre.

The news broke today, as reported on ESPN by Chris Mortensen, that the Jets have been granted permission to speak with Brett Favre. You all know how much I love the Jets, and I would love to see the Jets in the Super Bowl. And no one can deny the greatness of Brett Favre, he has had a storied career. But trading for Brett Favre is not the way for the Jets to make it to the promised land.

First of all, you already have healthy competition at the quarterback position. You can debate back and forth as to whether Chad Pennington or Kellen Clemens should lead this team this year and going forward. The Jets have improved this off season with signings such as Alan Faneca, and Damien Woody and others. The Jets are trying to build a solid program for years to come. The process will not be furthered by acquring Brett Favre for one year.

Secondly, it will affect the chemistry of the team. Eric Mangini and Mike Tannenbaum have spoken at length about the type of players they want on this team. They want versatile players, and more importantly, they want team players. They want an atmosphere that is centered around the team concept. If they bring Brett Favre in here, it will be all about Brett Favre. The constant frenzy surrounding him and him alone will so far outway the couple of games they will win with him at the helm.

Finally, there is no good reason to make a move like this. They don't need to sell tickets, the Jets have been and will be sold out for years. By the time they open the new stadium, Favre will already be gone, so it isn't like they need to put a face on the new stadium. And, it is not as if the Jets need one player to make it to the Super Bowl. Favre needs to go to a team where the quarterback will put the team over the top. The media frenzy is not worth bringing him in to maybe go 9-7.

Bottom line, Mike, Eric, this is a bad idea. I am concerned that when Mangini was questioned about it today in a press conference, he said "It's internal." That leads me to believe that the conversations are fairly serious, otherwise the team would be willing to downplay it publicly. It scares me as a Jets fan. It's a bad idea and will set our development back. Mike, just say no to Favre.

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