I don't want to do a normal breakdown of this weekends games, because I am not your normal, I give you:   The Hoch's "Unofficial" Weekly Picks

New England at NY Giants Belichick plays Brady for the first series, then takes him out. However, Matt Cassel throws 2 picks and Billy puts Tommie back in. Strahan sacks Brady. Brady tears the “big 3” in his knee”.

Seattle at Atlanta Shaun Alexander gets the start so he can warm up before the post-season. The problem: No one else shows up.

New Orleans at Chicago Chicago starts Orton. He throws 5 TDs and a pick. After the game he removes his mask and he is Jim McMahon.

San Francisco at Cleveland San Francisco decides to play their hearts out to help Head Coach Mike Nolan keep his job. The still lose terribly, because they suck.

Detroit at Green Bay Brett Favre throws the ball so much sparks come from his shoulder. Post-game review shows that Brett is an android. Green Bay forfeits every game he has ever played in. Record now 382-757-36

Cincinnati at Miami National Guard called to Miami to find out why everyone is sleeping.

Buffalo at Philadelphia If this were a mascot war, I would take the larger and more powerful "Bill"...which looks like a buffalo...but is a...i don't know...screw it, Philly wins.

Carolina at Tampa Bay TB needs nothing. CAR needs nothing. Therefore no one notices when neither team actually fields a team and they just replay film of a Jack Hannah spot on The Tonight Show.

Jacksonville at Houston Who cares? Jacksonville needs all the help they can get in the playoffs.

Dallas at Washington Nothing like a battle between Cowboys and Indians...I only hope it ends up like the Alamo...wait...I don't think there were Indians there...My point still stands that Davy Crockett sucks.

Pittsburgh at Baltimore Lets see of the dump truck can live up to his name and "back up" into Baltimore's "shoes".

St. Louis at Arizona As an NFC West follower I call this: "The Battle for Who Gives a Crap"

Kansas City at NY Jets As an NFC West follower I call this: "The Battle for Who Gives a Crap"

San Diego at Oakland Dude...if Oakland has to put anyone else on injured reserve they will need to hire a bunch of ex-cons...oh, wait...

Minnesota at Denver MIN needs this game to make the playoffs. Shanahan needs this game to be over before Matlock comes on.

Tennessee at Indianapolis Who will they rest? Who will they play? I have a memory for you Dungy: 2005.  

That is it. Now...I must sleep.

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