Normally the weekly interview series featuring me and Afraidofedhochuli appears on a Monday or Tuesday.....but I'm swamped with work, and he is swamped with work. So this has been pushed to Friday. I'm asking questions, he gives the answers, read it and weep punks!

1. Why in the world do the Seahawks FINALLY beat a good team in Washington, and then many people immediately say the Redskins outplayed them?

Because the Seahawks play in Alaska.

No, but in reality the rest of the NFL never sees the Seahawks as being able to beat anyone. They were never expected to win (they were favored in some games, but not by pundits) during the Superbowl season, which they might have one if injuries had not destroyed the secondary.

The Hawks have not played their best yet this season, and that is what makes everyone doubt. Remember the Philly game last season when they were supposed to lose, then won 42-0? Well, after the game was over the talking heads took the credit away from them.

I think it is something that they have always had to deal with and will continue to have to deal with.

2. What will it take for Mike Holmgren to stop giving Shaun Alexander 90% of the running plays?

A better running back. Like it or not, he is the best they have. They averaged 4.4 yards a carry last week (when you take out the last 3 runs when EVERYONE knew they were running).

I keep saying to wait on him. Until we can get something else, he is STILL the best they have.

3. Do you have any concerns with Matt Hasselbeck's injured throwing wrist?

Nope. He showed us that he was able to throw it. He just pressed too much last week.

Also, it is being widely reported that he is not experiencing any lingering effects.

4. Keys to beating Green Bay: go for it

Getting the run game going is definitely on the top of the list. These teams are so evenly matched, the one that gets the run game going may just squeak it out.

Limiting mistakes. No way does the Defense do the same thing they did last week, so the Offense will need to hold on to the rock.

Get to Favre. GB is second in the league in sacks allowed and that has correlated to their success. If the Defense can get pressure we will see the free-throwing Favre that we love and hate at the same time.

5. Green Bay's weaknesses and strengths.

Strengths: Favre. The run game, Offensive line, linebackers and Corners.

Weaknesses: The run game and corners.

The run game has been amazing the last 8 games (Grant racked up almost 1000 yards) but they showed their weaknesses prior to that, and witht the bye week there may be reason to expect a drop off.

The 1 and 2 corners are solid, but the rest...mediocre, and seeing as the Hawks might have the best overall WR corps, thy may be able to exploit the weakness.

6. We know Bobby Engram is clutch, who do you think is the next best receiver on the team when healthy?

Wow, that is a tough one seeing as how none of them have been healthy.

I want to equate it to the A-Team (god, I love these):

Bobby Engram - Hannibal Smith. He is the leader, the brains and the guy that makes things happen.

Deion Branch - Tempelton "Face" Peck. He is flashy, attractive and the one that looks the most breakable.

Nate Burleson - "Howling Mad" Murdoch. He is a little goofy, takes some strange risks and dresses up in funny costumes.

D.J. Hackett - B.A. Baracus. Initialed first names aside, he seems to be the tough guy (is that an oxymoron?), the mercenary of the group. (The biggest reach)

Ben Obamanu is the blonde.

(I am totally going to write a piece on that)

7. Early prediction for this game?

This game might be the best this weekend. It WILL be overlooked by many, but I see it as being the strongest chance for an upset.

Seahawks: 24-23 (a win on Brown's "hot" pants)

Some musings from SS:

  • No way, New England has the best WR corps, not Seattle.
  • Philadelphia didn't have Donovan McNabb, and that was two seasons ago.
  • Packers 28 Seahawks 20.

Thanks to AOEH for the interview, and I don't have time for a preview of this game, so I'll see you tomorrow for the live-blog in the lockerroom.

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