The period of free agent signings and draft day is not too far away. The Hoch took the time for one more interview before we watch the events unfold.

NFLF-Shaun Alexander 122604a

Could Shaun Alexander be on his way out? The Hoch says he could be on the cutting block.

1. Should the Seahawks draft a running back, a tight end, or an offensive linemen first in the NFL draft?

- I think that it will be based on need and on who is left. I would love to see them get a great RB like Mendenhall or Stewart, but if they are gone then they may take Fred Davis – the TE from USC. Would that fill a need or what?

A lot of Mock Drafts have them taking Felix Jones or even a DT, I just think that they will look at the "skill positions" that they are lacking.

2. Free agents like Michael Turner and Julius Jones are available, should they give it a shot and snag at least one of them before it is too late?

- That is going to have to do with what they decide with Shaun and Mo. They WILL draft a guy; there is no doubt about it, so the question is: "Do they sign someone just to start this year?"

3. Trading block material, go.

- The Hawks don't do a lot of off-season trading so I can't really answer this. It is tough to read what they will do.

4. Cutting block material, go.

- [Marcus] Tubbs, [Chuck] Darby, [DJ] Hackett, Shaun Alexander, [Floyd] Womack (I included guys with contracts expiring)

5. Off topic here, was the Pats/Giants Super Bowl ending the best ending in Super Bowl history?

- Yes,

6. Finally, do you have any positive thing to say about Jim Mora being Seattle's next head coach?

- Um…he…has nice hair…and is...young...

Thanks to Afraidofsohfsertlhsertseltordtiduli for the interview.....have a great time watching the Pro Bowl.

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