Greetings from a snowy day in Seattle! I could talk about the Seahawks playing their backups and the Falcons shooting for mediocrity, but that won't be the case. Instead, we're going to look at some offseason moves Seattle has made after losing in the playoffs to the Bears. It will include some stats and whether or not it was a good move or a bad move.

Marcus Pollard

Pollard is very old for a TE, 35. But the former Colt and Detroit Lion is already performing better than the disaster that was a certain Jerramy Stevens. Pollard signed a 1 year contract, and has performed well enough to get 25 catches for 234 yards and 2 touchdowns. That's not saying much, but this is not a tight end type of team, and he is quite capable of fighting for extra yardage if necessary. The verdict: This is actually the only offseason signing on the offensive side for the Seahawks, and the result is not half bad. I wouldn't mind keeping Pollard around for another year.

Kelly Herndon

Herndon was a decent cover guy, but was frequently left in the dust and left a mark in his Seahawks career that involved intercepting Ben Roethlisberger in the Super Bowl, and completely missing Alex Smith on a corner blitz in the 49ers game in the famous Windstorm. He was cut by the team and joined the Tennessee Titans. This season, Herndon has played in only 4 games, and has recorded 0 picks and 2 solo tackles. Herndon had 3 interceptions in his 2 years as a Seahawk. The verdict: Good move by Seattle, Herndon was too inconsistent in man to man coverage.

Michael Boulware

Brother of former Ravens linebacker Peter Boulware, Michael was a big help in Seattle's Super Bowl run. The strong safety was a very good player for them, and in his rookie season returned an interception for a touchdown that proved to be the winning score in a 24-17 victory against Miami. Boulware was a great tackler, but did not have the speed to cover speedy receivers. His last notable game against San Diego involved him not getting to Vincent Jackson, who beat the DB and Boulware was not quick enough to help. Jackson scored, San Diego won 20-17. Boulware was part of a trade that involved hi, going to Houston, in exchange for DE Jason Babin. Snice the trade, Boulware has started all 15 games, but has had limited success, recording just 10 tackles, with 1 pass defensed. The verdict: I didn't like the trade at first, but it seems that it has worked out fine for Seattle.

Patrick Kerney

Kerney had just come off a knee injury when he was signed by Seattle. The former Falcon also has an interception, 4 forced fumbles, He leads the league in sacks (14.5), and unless Mario Williams goes ape against Jacksonville, Kerney will become the second Seahawk in history to lead the NFL in sacks, a great accomplishment for a team highlighted by offense. The verdict: By far the best signing from the Seahawks. He performs well, has made some game changing plays, and hopefully he'll continue this great play in the road ro the Super Bowl.

Deon Grant

Grant was a key safety in that tough Jacksonville defense before signing with Seattle. He started his career with Carolina in 2001 (ended in 2003), recording 5 interceptions and a sack in his rookie season. After his 3 year stint with Jacksonville, getting 7 interceptions and 3 sacks, Grant was signed to a huge contract with Seattle worth 6 years and $30,000,000, making him the 3rd highest paid safety in the NFL. This year, Grant has 3 interceptions, has 71 tackles, and 10 passes defensed. The verdict: He doesn't get burned, he reads the QB very well, and is a great fit for Seattle. This deal is a success....for now.

Brian Russell

Can't tackle, can't defend, a waste of money this year. Just one interception for the safety, and touchdown runs by Stephen Jackson and Cedric Benson have resulted from blown tackles from the former Cleveland Brown. I honestly believe Josh Brown is a better tackler than he is....and Brown is the kicker who went ape over hitting Devin Hester.

Brandon Mebane

The rookie from Cal is a great run stuffer, puts pressure on the QB (resulting in 2 sacks), and is one of the most consistent players on this Seattle front 4. Mebane is getting more playing time than usual for a rookie, but the injuries to Chuck Darby and Marcus Tubbs put the 22 year old in a great position to be another young leader for this team. The verdict: A great late round draft pick, looks like all of Tim Ruskell's defensive draftees are apparently paying off, with Lofa Tatupu, Brandon Mebane, Kelly Jennings, Josh Wilson, and Baraka Atkins as your future, you are definitely in good hands.

Overall, Seattle has made some great summer signings on the defensive side Their offense has only one piece missing and that is an offensive line that can block efficiently for Shaun Alexander, Mo Morris, and Leonard Weaver. The free agent moves and the trading has made Seattle's D one of the league's elite, and is in the top 7 in points allowed. They still have some holes to fill, and the free agent market is loaded with guys like Bob Sanders, Dwight Freeney, Asante Samuel, L.J. Smith, etc. I'll leave you with one question only, what do you think of this defense? They are 2nd in sacks, 2nd in interceptions, 1st in passing TD's allowed, what more evidence do you need to consider Seattle's D as one of the best in the league? Think about it guys, January is coming, you'll get to see what this team is all about.

Have a great week, Afraidofedhochuli may or may not give you one more article to close out 2007, that's up to him.

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