FANDOM that doesn't make sense anymore.

on...GRASS!! No...not catchy.

The Show at The Stick? Eh...sounds like a runner up

Bill Walsh Just Rolled Over In His soon?

Jason's Going To Talk Himself Into The Mike Martz Era?

Yup, exactly!

Let's start with the bad, because theres a whole lot of it.

My initial reaction was horror. I hate Mike Martz. I hate his personality and more importantly I despise his offesne. I like a little more excitement in my offense than just "three yards and a cloud of dust" but I'm anti spread offense. And that's exactly what Martz is bringing to the table. Your not getting him to change, he's not all of a sudden going to run 25+ times a game. With Martz, much like Nolan it's his way or the hard way (more on that in a second.)

Simply put this doomed any chance of winning in '08 the Niners did have. Martz does not have the players needed to run his gimmicky offense. In fact his best weapons Davis and especially Gore are underutilized in Martz's offense. I just don't get the fit.

Going back to Martz's personality I also don't see how it fits in with Nolan. Unless somehow the Niners decided "hey, how many giant ego's can we fit in one room?"

Nolan has been critically conservative during his tenure. How's he going to feel when Martz is throwing hail mary's 99 times a game?

I just don't think it works. Frankly I am shocked (and appalled) that Cam Cameron didn't get an interview.

Here's a math problem:

Philip Rivers + Antonio Gates + LDT + Cam Cameron = 14-2

Alex Smith (or Shaun Hill) + Vernon Davis + Frank Gore + Cam Cameron = ?

I'm not saying they would be as good as the Chargers but, the players are eerily similar.

Now the good...

(I may or may not actually believe the following but by the time the season starts I will have successful talked myself into it)

1) MOST IMPORTANT: It can't be any worse!

When you have the 32nd ranked offense have the worst offense in the NFL (and this year possible the history of the world)

2) See Above

3) Martz is good with QB's. Warner, Bulger, Green, Kitna....he does have a touch for turning poop into....chocolate flavored poop.

4) See 1 or 2

5) Shaun McDonald and Mike Furrey: They aren't that great and had respectable seasons in Martz scheme. Battle is a shifty, quick sure handed receiver and should do very well in Martz's offense. Jason Hill and Ashley Lelie are vertical guys who are in the Az-Hakim mold. (Hey! What's Az doing these days?)

5) Hold on...I'm reading number 1 again

6) Alex Smith played in an open offense in college. Yes, Smith regressed before he got hurt this season. But, two years ago he took tremendous steps to become a NFL caliber starting QB. He might never be a "franchise" guy but Mike Martz might be able to resurrect some of the magic Smith had in college.

7) Veron Davis. Martz has never had a weapon like VD. Davis is as big as some linebackers and as quick as the WR Martz's vertical spread offense requires. Martz might be dumb but trust me he will get the ball into VD's hands a lot.

8) Gore. So, he might only run the ball 9 times a game...but it doesn't mean he'll be sitting on the sidelines. Remember Kevin Jones (who's injury prone and not as good as Gore) was active this year. Gore also has great hands, in fact every week I screamed at my T.V. for Jim Hostler to throw more screen passes.

9) The Shaun Hill X Factor. Bill Simmons had a great point on his podcast. Every now and then one of these backup QB's emerges, seemingly out of nowhere to become a star. Delhome, Hasslebeck, Garrad, Romo ect. So is it fluke? His point was that in order to be a backup QB at the NFL level for a prolonged period of time you have to have some ability. You have to constantly preform at a high enough level to stay a backup. Think about how many guys wash out and you never hear from them again. I'm not saying it's a lock for Hill to be the next Romo....but it's possible.

10) Ya...and it's also possible monkeys could fly outta my but.

...Shut up you!

11) Combine 1, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9!

Hey we might have something here!!!

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