Today a New York columnist wrote that China was representing these games as the greatest in history.  Well, from one who has been in Chinese a number of times over the years, that is the biggest joke comment in history.  To begin with the games never should have been allowed to go to the communist country of China.  Money was the reason, but it never for whatever reasons should have been allowed to have these games.  It isn't a free society and there are no individual freedoms whatsoever. So why have them in Bejing.  Ask the OGC they were the ones who awarded this type of society/country to have a games that are individual in nature. Some of the games are teams but for the most part they are individuals that particitate.  What can and most likely will happen these next couple of weeks is something will come up that the Chinese government won't like and they will react like they did a few years ago and kill hundreds of innocent people, men and women and even children.  I am not trying to be negative but the facts remain since the communists have taken over with Mao the government and its armies have killed millions of individuals for expressing themselves for wanting more rights of freedom without all the rules of communist government. What happened at the TenSqu could happen again in these games, make no mistake about it, it is a very real possiblility here.  The Chinese have no gray areas when it comes to their political views of society and government control.  The government is always right and of course they never make any mistakes. Just ask the thousands killed by troops over just the last 10 years, forget the millions killed over the last 80 years under communist rule.  Maybe from the outside we are not the right people to judge but unfairness is unfairness no matter where is occurs and we cannot sit by and watch it happen and live with ourselves because that is what America is based on the individual freedom to be able to do what you want without government control as long as it doesn't hurt or cross the freedoms of others around you. That maybe a real short view of this situation but I for one will not watch these games for whatever reason only because they are based on a lie told to the OGC by the Chinese government.  I wonder if the Chinese hadn't give the committee all that money and power to control the revenues would they have awarded the games to China in the first place.  It would be a pleasant surprise if the games went off without any trouble but that continues in my mind to be a real pipedream or to put in context a  Chinese fairlytale.

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