Cool has a lot of meanings in our society. It could mean you're just plain cold because the weather out is frigid. It could mean you're the epitome of what's "happening" or what’s "hip" or it could simply mean you don't get rattled. If you haven't guessed by now which cool I'm talking about in terms of the New York Football Giants, it's clearly the latter.

The Giants are not an exceptionally talented team. They have good players all around but I don't think anyone would argue they have the QB, running back, LT, etc. in the league. They had one of the better receivers in the league, but are currently 2-0 without him. One can't really say they've been all that fortunate. They've had injuries to cornerbacks, Osi Umenyiora has been out all season, Brandon Jacobs has been out a game, and Plaxico Burress is now suspended for the rest of the season for being the dumbest player in the league.

Yet despite all this, they're 11-1 and increasingly the biggest reason is they're just plain cooler then you.

Perhaps it stems from the coaching staff, which demands complete focus no matter what's going on around you. Or maybe it stems from their QB who once was criticized for being too unemotional, when in fact it's his calm demeanor through the bad and the good that has been his biggest asset the last two years.

Whatever the case may be the Giants this year have been plain unflappable. Whether it's the Plaxico suspension or the Plaxico self-mutilation, whether it's a horrid loss against Cleveland on Monday Night or a schedule that features 10 straight winning teams to finish the season, the Giants just keep rolling along.

There's still a lot of football to be played and still four more good teams in the regular season, but, as a Giants fan, I couldn't be any more pleased with how they've played this year. I'm not going to predict the future I'm simply telling you where they are now and how they got there. Simply put, they've shown that teamwork and coolness are probably the most important things that separate the 11-1 teams from the 0-12 in the NFL.

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