FANDOM weekend was ripped apart when the Colts and Seahawks lost....and then the Patriots keep winning. Then UW's basketball team got walloped by USC. My saving grace was Manchester United beating the hell out of Newcastle 6-0. But the focus was on the NFL divisional round, and I learned quite a bit from the first 2 rounds of the playoffs. Normally TFF is a humorous article, but today it's a mixture of funny and serious stuff (see #3).

15. Peyton Manning needs a priceless pep talk.

14. Tony Romo spent more time surveying Jessica Simpson than the field.

13. Daryl Johnston considers 9 carries for 20 yards a sign that Shaun Alexander is running hard.

12. FOX really wants to make sure that Troy Aikman and Joe Buck were placed above... Troy Aikman's spot in the ring of honor.

11. Marcus Pollard didn't show up, it was Jerramy Stevens making a cameo, explaining the fumble and 2 dropped passes.

10. Tom Brady finished helps when most of your throws are quick outs to Wes Welker.

9. If the Patriots/Chargers spread is infinite, the Patriots may not blow San Diego out after all.

8. Matt Hasselbeck said in the press conference following the Redskins, "We want the ball and we're going to score.", he was right.....they just didn't win.

7. Eli Manning's "Unstoppable" commercial is now looking less and less like a really stupid idea.

6. Patrick Crayton does indeed have great hands according to Troy Aikman. Doesn't mean he can catch the ball in big games but...

5. Michael Turner = Seattle Seahawks starting running back.

4. It's amazing what a Seahawks win can do to a QB. Todd Collins went from the savior of the Redskins season, to old and immobile. Imagine what happens if they beat Favre. It would sound like "He's old, this was a fluke run.".

3. Marvin Harrison was not ready to come back, I wonder if that is a potential career ending knee injury he has there.

2. David Garrard's pass just before his knee was down was questioned by many, if Tom Brady did the same thing, it would go down as another signature throw by a tremendous QB.

1. Brett Favre is Brett Favre and the Seahawks could not stop Brett Favre because Brett Favre will only be stopped by Brett Favre. If he has a typical Brett Favre game, he will be Brett Favre.

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