No Sounders, just Seattle FC, Alliance, and Republic as names to vote for the new MLS Franchise Seattle (blank). SSR digs up some of the rejected names.

15. Seattle Oklahomans.

14. Seattle Team That Will Threaten to Move if Not Granted a New Stadium.

13. Seattle Soccer Franchise That Will Have High Expectations Yet Fail When it Really Matters.

12. Seattle MLS Team That Will Only Get an Attendance If David Beckham Plays.

11. Seattle MLS Team To Win 29 Out of 30 Games Only To Lose In First Round of MLS Playoffs.

10. Seattle Soccer Team Powered By Starbucks, Tully's, Seattle's Best Coffee, And the Small 50 Sq Ft. Shops They Have.

9. Seattle Brian Davis' (Inside joke, FSN Northwest announcer that announces everything.....badly.)

8. Seattle PA (Paul Allen).

7. Seattle Team You Won't See If You Live on the Eastside, Unless You Want to Pay a Toll To Use the 520 Bridge.

6. Seattle Soccer Franchise That Will Get a Strong Attendance Until the Seahawks Season Begins.

5. Seattle Soccer Franchise That Will Get a Strong Attendance Only Because The Mariners Would've Tanked It By June.

4. Seattle Canadians

3. Seattle Soccer Team Forced to Get Used to Playing in the Rain.

2. Seattle Kenny G's

1. Seattle SuperSonics

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