The Patriots are 4 wins away from being one of the great teams in the NFL. But....what if they were to lose tonight? What about the playoffs? Let's see some possible calls tonight as made by Gumby.

15. Bryant Gumbel: "The Jets have stunned the Patriots by a score of 16-15, and have won the Super Bowl."

14. "3rd and 2, Brady hands off, far side, Maroney, it's a foot race, inside the 40, 30, 20, out of bounds at the 14 of the Giants, he would appear to have enough for the first down."

13. "The Patriots trying to become the first team since the '85 Bears to go undefeated."

12. "Manning on 3rd and 6, the throw, far side, incomplete intended for Jeremy Toomer, and the Giants will have to give it over on downs.

11. "Brady throws it deep, touchdown, to Donte Moss, and he is now the all time single season touchdown receiver."

10. "Ahmad Bradshaw down the sidelines, out of bounds at midfield, and the Patriots will have good field position."

9. "We understand this broadcast is being simulcast on NBC, CBS, ABC, QVC, FSN, BBC, CBC, BET......"

8. "Tim Brady has now thrown 50 rushing touchdowns."

7. "Touchdown Giants, and with 30 seconds, and a 22-14 lead, the Giants are going to try and make it a one score game."

6. "Touchdown Patriots, Asante Samuel with a pick, and he took it to da hizzy."

5. "Stephen Vinatieri to tack on the extra point, and it's good, and the 14-14 tie is broken, 17-14 Patriots."

4. "As you know Cris, I will be with Joe Buck for dubbed commentary of all of the college football upsets."

3. "Jeff Eagles to punt, far side, and it will roll into the end zone for a touchdown."*

2. "Stephen Gostowski to win it, and it's good."

1. "The Patriots are now undefeated as they head into the pre-season."

Note: The * on #3 was actually a similar statement made by Greg Gumbel, who said a punt rolled into the end zone for a TD....I guess it's contagious.

Have a wonderful day folks!

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