I have not done this series in a long time. Well it's coming back for more in the wake of Brett Favre's retirement. Here are some other reasons he could've retired outside of "being tired".

15. Was annoyed of having to play over a decade's worth of football with Peter King and John Madden's lips firmly sealed on his ass.

14. Keeps beating Seattle in the playoffs over and over and over again.

13. Lawrence Tynes and Favre are actually in-laws, so a ring for Tynes is a ring for Favre, and he does go out on top.

12. Aaron Rodgers' exclusive 3 year contract of warming the bench and holding a clipboard was up.

11. He'll finish off Corey Webster later.

10. Wants to be John McCain's running mate, as McCain and Favre are both 173.

9. Desperately wants to learn how to do the Soulja Boy.

8. Can't seem to win at Lambeau Field anymore.

7. Stunned that experts picked the Cardinals to win the NFC East, North, South, and West.

6. Was caught in the middle of horrific chest bump between Andy Reid and Mike Holmgren, forcing him to leave.

5. Gave up trying to teach Rex Grossman how to properly throw the ball down field...

4. Aaron Rodgers hired mafia to......

3. Gave up trying to give Emmitt Smith English lessons.

2. Favre was asked for Matt Hasselbeck's autograph.

1. Wanted to make this photo a reality.

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