"Duke-UNC game will be intense"

That was the headline from on tonight's big matchup between #3 Duke and #4 North Carolina in Chapel Hill. Well.....correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't of the most heated rivalries in all of college basketball? Isn't it always intense no matter the outcome? The editor must have let the following headlines slip through. Note that these are all fake, just some headlines popping out of my head that Tim McCarver would probably say.

15. NFL Pro Bowl is meaningless.

14. Jacksonville Jaguars player arrested for impersonating arrested Cincinnati Bengals player.

13. Marv Albert and a woman could be dangerous.

12. Seahawks crowd could be loud this weekend against 49ers.

11. Washington Huskies basketball team bad at free throw line.

10. Phillip Rivers could be a total jerk.

9. Bill Belichick walks onto field with :01 left, critics say he could be a douche.

8. Emmitt Smith and Shannon Sharpe could be the worst combination as far as abusing the English language ever.

7. Jay Bilas: All of the ACC teams could make the NCAA tournament.

6. Yankees/Red Sox ALCS series could be intense.

5. NBA player fatally killed.

4. Jason Giambi and Rafael Palmeiro could be on steroids.

3. SSreporters could be an immature high schooler trying to get a cheap laugh on ArmchairGM>

2. LT could score some touchdowns this year.

1. Fly ball into left field and hitting the highway behind ballpark could possibly be a home run.

Do you have anymore McCarverisms?

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