With the idiot that came up with a petition to replay the final moments of Super Bowl XLII because of an "illegal clock stoppage", it looks like other teams have followed suit.

15. The Miami Heat have started a petition to redo the whole season, as they have not been playing "an illegal form of basketball".

14. Marty Schottenheimer has started a petition in which any playoff team he coaches gets 14 free points to start the game.

13. The Detroit Lions created a petition to replay every season since the merger.

12. The MLS has created a petition to stop the 44 fans they have from destroying stadiums.

11. EA Sports has started a petition in which the guy I mentioned in the opening sentence can replay the Super Bowl.....using Madden 2002, which had the mulligan feature.

10. The 2007 Miami Dolphins made a petition to force Ricky Williams to pass the joint he has around so that they can forget this year ever happened.

9. Men started a petition in which Erin Andrews covers every sporting event on ESPN.

8. The United Nations has started a petition to send Tim McCarver to the Bermuda Triangle.

7. The Arizona Cardinals made a petition to the NFL experts, demanding for the 5th year in a row that they will win the NFC West.

6. The Seattle Seahawks have over 5000 signatures in this petition, in which the New York Giants teach them how to win on the road.

5. The Giants do the same thing, only they ask the Seahawks how to win at home.

4. N.O.W. successfully had their petition accepted by the NFL, NBA, and NHL to ban Marv Albert from hotels, and commentating with a desk nearby.

3. Every citizen of New York has signed a petition to the NBA that sends Isiah Thomas and James Dolan to the moon.

2. Old Country Buffet has started a petition in which Tony Siragusa can no longer enter any of their establishments.

1. The New York Yankees sent their petition to Alex Rodriguez, demanding that he actually does something in the playoffs.

Before I finish this article:

RIP Roy Scheider

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