"We want the ball and we're going to score." - Matt Hasselbeck for the Seahawks as he did make that promise.....he threw it to Al Harris, who danced his way into the end zone.....for the Packers.

Well he gets to do it again, here are some likely quotes of his to look out for:

15. "We want the ball and we're going to lose, get our woeful asses kicked."

14. "We want the funk, we gotta have that funk."

13. "I totally blew that guarantee, but that's okay, I'll ask the ref, to penalize the Packers, for no good reason, to start the game, to even things up, thank you."

12. "What is Britney doing with her life?"

11. "We want the ball and we're going to score, my good friend Anthony Smith told me." 10. "We want the buh.....rett Favre is Brett Favre and only Brett Favre can be Brett Favre and at the same time can't be Brett Favre." 9. "We want the ball, and Shaun here will get it and run backwards." 8. "We will defer, I'm going to go watch The View ." 7. "We will defer, hold up, hold up. McCAIN WON THE PRIMARY?! Well I'll be damned." 6. "Let's just cancel the game, because ArmchairGM currently has some catfighting going on." 5. "Can we do something else besides the coin toss Mr. Hochuli? You've been looking for the coin in Tony Siragusa's flab for 20 minutes now." 4. "Goodness, I'm not Tim Hasselbeck!" 3. "Is Cris Collinsworth here?" 2. "Give me the damn ball!" 1. Brett Favre: "Dammit Matt, I'm older than you yet I still have more hair than the entire Hasselbeck family!" Knock yourselves out.

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