Joe Carter Tim McCarver 1993 World Series Game 6

Baseball season is here! Spring Training is in the air, and one moron (Roger Clemens) won't report because he is too busy signing autographs in Congress. This also means that we will see plenty of our good friends in Joe Buck and Tim McCarver. Here are some quotes you can take to the bank this season (again, not real quotes, fake ones):

15. "The Yankees and Red Sox have been rivals for decades, the Yankees won some games, the Red Sox won some games." - TM

14. "So it's 5-4 White Sox over Angels in the 7th inning. You know Tim, talking about A-Rod's deal on the night the Red Sox won the World Series." - JB

13. "I got my sinker and a splitter mixed up. I called it a stinker. I made up a new word." - TM

12. "And Bedard strikes out the side, a perfect game, what an incredible feat....coming up next the Simpsons, followed by...." - JB

11. "The pitch was a little too high to be considered a low pitch." - TM

10. "The official attendance for the Rockies @ Marlins, 704." - JB

9. "It's 4-1, bases loaded for Julio Franco. A win here and they win the NL Central Pennant. It's high, deep, and it's gone and the Cardinals have won the pennant." - JB*

8. "Hitting is a critical part of the game, especially when you need home runs to win you the game. If the ball hits the bat and sails over the fence, then it's a home run." - TM

7. "A closer in baseball is a pitcher who closes the game." - TM

6. "What a disgusting act by...." - JB

5. "If the Braves are going to win the World Series Joe, they will have to win at a minimum, 4 out of 7 games." - TM

4. "The Yankees are not much a below .500 team as they are a sub .500 team." - TM

3. "The one thing about curve balls is they tend to change direction." - TM

2. "And a wonderful catch made by Derek Jeter Joe. He caught the ball with his glove in the air and standing up for 5 seconds!" - TM

1. "It's over, and the New York Baseball Giants have won the World Series." - TM

Just curious, has anyone actually heard these quote in actual telecasts?

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