The Eternal Debate

A series of never-ending questions with no clear answers.

Today, we will look at a classic:

Nut Crunch vs. Face Plant!!!

If you have a set of testicles, you know that getting hit in them is no fun (unless you are a truly facked up psychopathic, masochistic pervert).

If you have a face, you've probably spent a fair majority of your life attempting to keep it as pretty as it can be.

I have travelled the internet... - well, the YouTube part of it - far and wide and stole... I mean, borrowed what I think are some of the finest evidence I could compile to make this debate happen. By the best of my judgement, none of these scenes are faked or altered to appear real. They ARE real nut crunches and real face plants (plus a few others that are BOTH).


"In the Red corner - Nut Crunch! In the Blue corner, Face Plant! Now let's have a clean fight!"

Many of these you've seen before and many you will watch over and over while issuing the obligatory "Ooooooh!" and feeling sympathy pains for the idiots... I mean, victims of this wonderful debate. And while I'm sure EVERY single one of these idiots felt the sting of "the agony of defeat", and many were undoubtedly hurt, rest assured that I included no scenes of blood or of kids getting hurt and that watching it won't hurt you at all!

  • Note - the first video is of former MLBer and cancer survivor Brett Butler, whom I have personally met and asked about the famous scene with his son - who despite his wicked bat wielding skills is now into computers and not playing baseball.

Exhibit A - ENJOY!


1. To all the idiots who made it possible and the "friends" of said idiots who didn't stop the rolling of the camera yet almost all of them cared enough to take the time to ask "Dude, are you OK?" while laughing...

2. Yet Another... Beats By Man Production.

3. Song Drunken Stumble written and performed by John Funk of "The Big Dream Band" - courtesy of MuTeCoRe Industries and Madeyedias Entertainment.

4. Seahawks Fans will appreciate the idiot at :48 of the video. Kinda sums up the Shaun Alxander Era, eh?

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