What the hell is all the buzz about “Ocho Cinco” going to the Philadelphia Eagles? Don’t get me wrong I don’t want to go off on another rant about “Why the Eagles Suck” but I do want to bring to everyones attention that: “The Eagles Are Too Stupid” to sign a high caliber player such as Chad Johnson. Not to mention, Chad would be just as stupid to think that he can play in a Philly uniform alongside one of the most overrated, self-centered quarterbacks in the league.

I guess I can’t blame the Eagles for continuing to sell newspapers and pipe dreams to their fans by making this unrealistic “Ocho Cinco” deal seem substantial. However, it all makes sense considering they haven’t a single Super Bowl win in their entire NFL existence. They have to sell something because dreams are made to seem real. The Eagles have to realize that for whatever reason, McNabb’s ego is way too big to coexist with another superstar on offense and it doesn’t matter if they bring in a Pro-Bowl caliber playmaker, they will not get along.

If McNabb was so good why not just turn average receivers into superstars? Brett Favre has managed to do it with names such as, Sterling Sharpe, Antonio Freeman, Donald Driver, and the more recent Greg Jennings. Why can’t McNabb do it? He’s already proven that he couldn’t coexist with a superstar and he’s proven throughout his career that he cannot turn an average receiver into a superstar. McNabb, leave the “Ocho Cinco” idea alone. You wanted playmakers and the front office brought in Desean Jackson. But, if you keep crying long enough maybe you can bring in Moss, Steve Smith, Terrel Owens and then you will have all the playmakers you’ve asked for.

So why are “The Eagles Too Stupid”? You figure it out!

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