The Detroit Pistons are the laziest team in the NBA.  Yes, they closed out their series against the 76ers with a blowout win, but the way they played the first four games of the series was about as pitiful of an effort as it comes. The Pistons have been a powerhouse team for the better part of the lasts five years, yet it is their horrible attitude and approach to the game that has cost them countless games and championships. 

Just a few seasons ago, the Pistons sent their entire starting lineup to the NBA All-Star game and that team was bounced from the playoffs without making the NBA Finals. Another year, and the focus simply was not there during the playoff run. We have all seen it: they start a series and they play down to their opponents for the first 2 maybe even 3 games. Then they assume they can turn it on and come back and beat their opponent in a best of five. It doesn’t work that way. You have to keep bad teams down and you cannot allow them to think they can compete. Last year, King James gained his confidence in games 1 and 2, he went on to put on a clinic in the final games of the series and the Cavaliers took the Pistons out. This year, Dwight Howard has the same opportunity in front of him.

If the Pistons blow another NBA Playoffs without making the Finals, Flip Saunders should be fired on the spot. He has provided no leadership or guidance to this team since he arrived. It is the coach’s job to give a team focus and remind them of what the prize is. Sadly on the Pistons providing leadership is left to Rasheed Wallace, and God only knows what can happen when you let him set the mood and the pace for the team. If the Pistons don’t find some leadership soon, they will continue to be the NBA’s biggest underachievers and laziest team.

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