Cejudo henry

Henry Cejudo, 21, won the Olympic Gold at 121 pounds in Beijing.

The story of Olympic Champion Henry Cejudo is well-documented. He’s explained it in nearly every newspaper story and television interview. A rough upbringing, a non-existent relationship with his father, a dynamic relationship with older brother Angel and a very strong-willed mother.

Now Henry’s speaking about his travels, as seen here in the most recent story by The Denver Post.

Next week, Henry will come to Minnesota on behalf of The School of Champions.

The School of Champions is a very unique coaching and practice situation. It provides very low-cost practice sessions with All-Americans and National Champions. Instead of heading out after a day of class or work, these guys are providing an intense training sessions for the kids in the Twin Cities area. Some schools have wrestling clubs tied to their college programs. The School of Champions, while manned by many a former Golden Gopher, isn’t “the club” with Minnesota. However, with the Gopher Wrestling Club and the School of Champions, Cejudo will come in for a Fall Clinic at Bloomington Kennedy H.S. on November 7.

According to The School of Champions web site, there’s time to still register for the Clinic.

What’s personally impressive is how the staff of The School of Champions, rather than being wild former wrestling 20-somethings, they spend evenings coaching kids. When I first moved here, I called a few of the guys up to see what was going on for, say, Monday Night Football. “Sorry dude, we’re coaching tonight.”

Bringing in Cejudo is icing on the cake for programs like this. Kids get great coaching and technique and a chance to meet an Olympic Champion who’s close enough to their age to where they can relate directly. Henry’s become an icon for American wrestling. He’s personable and quick-witted, so those of you who live in the Twin Cities with kids looking to get an extra edge, check out The School of Champions — and for those of you who want to meet an Olympic Champion, mark down November 7.

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