So I was checking things out for the future after our game 7 loss, and it looks to me like next year is gonna be more of the same, it’s all weather or not Wally gets back to being a 16-20 ppg player again like he used to be. Ben’s salary is over 14 million, Lebron over 14, Wally’s is 13, Z is 11 , but the worst thing is we still got 1 more year to pay Snow (7.3) and Jones (4.4), the 2 combined are almost 12 million total. Almost 6 million for Anderson and 4.5 for Sasha all adds up to 72 million, we can bring West back for 2.7 qualifying offer, so basically 75 million already committed in next years salary. This years salary was around 82 million, and we still gotta deal with getting Boobie a contract and what to do with Devon Brown and Joe Smith.

Gilbert Arenas has a player option in Washington, but flat out said he’s gone if Jamison isn’t re-signed. Problem is that we are gonna be real cap tight with all the money we already have committed, not sure if Ferry can pull something off or not. We are definitely stuck with Ben and Wally, unless we trade them for equally worthless large contracts like we did with Hughes to get the 2 in the first place. I’m thinking they need to trade Andy and Sasha for cheap contracts or 2nd round picks. If Booby, Joe Smith, or Devon Brown can be brought back very cheaply than do it, if not we gotta let them walk in order to pony up all the cash needed to get Agent Zero in a Cav’s uniform. If that happens:

PG: Gilbert Arenas

SG: Wally

SF: Lebron

PF: Big Ben

C: Z

Bench: Bring back Delonte West for 2.7 million to sub for both positions, we are stuck with Snow and Jones for one more year as the other guards, unless Snow decides to retire and take a lucrative assistant coach position. At the bigs, I bet we could get Joe back for relatively cheap, or another forward for cheap who can knock down a 12-15 foot jump shot 45% of the time. Also, there are about a thousand 6?10? basketball players who can’t make a basket or a free throw, but can play defense and rebound, that can fill the role of reserve bigs. The bottom line is we got 20 million a year in Big Ben and Andy, and neither can make a basket or a free throw. We are stuck with Ben at 14 million, but can get someone to do what Andy does for 1 million a year instead of 6 million if we trade Andy for nothing, which will free up more money to throw at Agent Zero. Also, with Gilbert, we won’t need Sasha as the minutes won’t be there, so that is 4.5 million more if we trade Sasha for nothing. Andy and Sasha are tradeable, which is why I bring this all up. Sure I’d rather ditch Ben, Wally, Snow, and Jones, but no one will take their contracts. We are stuck with them.

Lebron said it best in his interview after the game 7 loss. “We have to get better”.

In my oppinion, I’m not sure if bringing this team back in tact is enough. Sure we’ll improve in the win loss record next year with people being healthier, and the exprerience of playing together, but we can’t honestly say we’ll be good enought to win a championship. Not without another all star. Gilbert Arenas is out there, and would be the perfect player to team with Lebron.

Jordan had Pippen, Magic had Worthy and Kareem, Bird had McHale, Parish, Ainge, Duncan has Parker, Ginobli, etc. We can go on and on with the list. The fact that Lebron has done what he has done at age 23 with no “all-star” help in absolutely amazing.

Danny Ferry owes the Cavs at least 10 good years of GM decisions to make up for his 10 year player contract that ruined us in the late 80’s and 90’s. Right now is the time to find a way to get Gilbert Arenas into the Q to win a ring with Lebron. It’s gotta happen now, while Z and Big Ben got a little left in the tank to play good as bigs. If Lebron had another all star like Arenas to play with for the next 5 years, I can’t imagine the Cavs not winning a championship.


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