After showing much promise during the 2007 season where the Browns finished 10-6  they have finally turned their backs on the fourth year coach, Romeo Crennel. The problem doesn’t seem to lie in the fact that the Browns have started the season 0-3, but the mere fact that the offense is currently ranked last in total offense, 31st in passing, and 30th in rushing, 32nd in total yards, and 32nd in points averaged at 8.2 per game. Quinn may have been the answer if the Browns would have elected to keep Crennel, but the fact that the Browns will make a legitimate push at convincing Bill Cowher to come out of retirement and Brady Quinn will be entering his third professional season, the Browns have given up and are looking in a different direction for the start of the 2009 NFL season.

With the weapons around him, fantasy owners should get excited about the Browns looking towards the future by inserting Quinn into the starting lineup. Everyone benefits, Jamal Lewis, Braylon Edwards, and Kellen Winslow’s stock has just risen.

That’s the story we’ll all hear within the next three weeks when the Browns go winless through their first six games.

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