What's going on here? It's one thing to correctly re-sign Romeo Crennel. It's okay with me to let Brady Quinn cool his heels in a backup role. But signing Donte Stallworth!?!? Could someone in Cleveland actually have a clue?

I got used to Cleveland being a tough, but winnable, game for the Steelers. They always played the Steelers well, whether they were good or bad...Remember their return season? Pittsburgh whipped them 43-0 in the first game, then lost 17-13 in the second. I respect Cleveland as a Steelers opponent - that was all well and good. But after a close game in the second matchup last year, and a near playoff appearance for the Browns, something is up.

Derek Anderson already had Braylon Edwards and Kellen Winslow Jr. Now the Steelers have to figure out how to defend against three pretty good receivers? I think I liked it better when the Browns were "The Mistake By The Lake."

I wonder why the Eagles didn't sign Stallworth? That would have been okay. They could sure use him now that the Randy Moss thing fell through...

Anyway, I long for the days when Belichick was the Browns coach and he was losing three games a year to the Steelers. Who'd have thought that a disciple of his would be doing a better job with the same team?

Originally Posted on on March 3rd.

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