David ortiz and sean casey, boston red sox
Rob Bradford is reporting that Red Sox slugger David Ortiz plans to do whatever it takes to remain with the Red Sox once his current contract expires.

"Before my contract is over I would like to renegotiate so that I can stick around. This is my team. This is it right here."

“When I finish my contract I’ll be 34, turning 35 two months after the end of the season. (Getting another deal) is motivation. You want to get to the point where you have happy people around you and people don’t say anything bad about you. . . . The market (when the contract was signed) wasn’t like it is right now. I did what I was supposed to. They offer me $60 million, so what am I supposed to do, say no? Because I’m David Ortiz, and I’m Superman? I’ve got my kids and my family to take care of. Now my kids are taken care of.”

Manny AND Papi plan to stay!? Can you say dyansty? I knew you could.

The Herald also explains why Julio Lugo seemed like he lost a step in 2007: a stomach virus.

“I never got my strength back,” Lugo said. “I started training in January and that only made it worse, and when I got to spring training, I wasn’t right.

“Last year I was sick before I came in. I was weak. I just couldn’t get my bat through the zone. This year I feel better. I’m in better condition.”

"He’s a lot stronger than last year at spring training at this time,” Red Sox hitting coach Dave Magadan said. “He got into some mechanical difficulties because I don’t think he was as strong as he usually is. The ball is jumping off his bat better.”

If Lugo can get back to his .280 BA, 15+ HR form, the 2008 Red Sox could challenge the 2003 squad (who had 8 of 9 starters with 80+ RBI) in overall productivity...

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