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Unlike the song, I think that this is the most wonderful time of the year. On any day, I can turn on the television and find a baseball game. It is Sunday, though, that is the greatest day of the week. Not only is baseball on the TV, so is NASCAR!

Why are these two events so spectacular? They are both the greatest sleep aids that America has ever invented.

With NASCAR, the sounds of the cars going round and round, the steady drone of the engines, the continuing diatribe by the announcers, and the zzzzzzzzzz! Occasionally waking up to hear a crash, that disrupts the constant monotonous sound. Only to nod off again as the cars get up to speed.

Baseball, though, is the King of all sleep aids. A lazy Saturday afternoon, the sun pushing its way into the living room, its rays creating shafts of light that illuminate your favorite chair, and the Dodgers/Giants/A’s playing on the big screen.

“Here’s the pitch, ball one”. Your eyelids are feeling heavy.

“Strike one, the count is one and one. It is a beautiful day at the ball park” You are becoming very relaxed now.

“Ball two in the dirt, if you look into the dugout…” ZZZzzzzzz.

Yep, the best thing in the world is this time of year. Especially for those of you with problems sleeping.

C’mon football! Only nine weeks until the start of preseason CFL. I should have my fill of weekend sleep by then.

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