The time has come to crown the "Best Quarterback Ever". This player will join Jim Brown in "The Best Ever" pool. The two remaining players have beat everyone in the tournament with flying colors. One has a billion records and no rings and the other has a few records and four rings. It's #1 seed Dan Marino versus the #2 seed Joe Montana. Two phenomenal leaders who could both pick apart any defense they faced. Dan Marino beat Phil Simms 18-0, Warren Moon 19-2, and Fran Tarkenton 15-4 to get here, he beat these three opponents combined 52-6. Joe Montana beat Terry Bradshaw 17-1, Steve Young 21-0, and Brett Favre 16-3 to arrive in the championship, he defeated these three opponents combined 54-4. Below are some facts about each quarterback and below are last rounds results and this weeks matchup! You know what to do...

Dan Marino #13 Miami Dolphins

17 Seasons 1983-1999 (All w/ Dolphins)

  • College: Pitt
  • Drafted Round 1 Pick 27
  • NFL Hall of Famer
  • NCAA Hall of Famer
  • 8x All Pro
  • 9x Pro Bowler
  • 1x NFL MVP
  • 61,361 pass yards
  • 420 TDs
  • 86.4 Passer Rating

Joe Montana #16 San Francisco 49ers

15 seasons 1979-1994 (13 w/ 49ers, 2 w/ Chiefs)

  • College: Notre Dame
  • Drafted Round 3 Pick 82
  • NFL Hall of Famer
  • 7x All-Pro
  • 8x Pro Bowler
  • 2x NFL MVP
  • 4 Super Bowl Rings
  • 3x Super Bowl MVP
  • 40,551 Passing Yards
  • 273 TDs
  • 92.3 Passer Rating

Final Four Results

#1 Dan Marino defeated #5 Fran Tarkenton 15-4

#2 Joe Montana defeated #3 Brett Favre 16-3

Championship VOTE NOW!

#1 Dan Marino VS #2 Joe Montana

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