One lesson the Phillies painfully learned in 2007 is that 5 starting pitchers are not enough.  Besides Brett Myers and Cole Hamels the Phils rotation makes me nervous.  Kyle Kendrick stuck out only 49 batters in 129 innings.  Unless his strike out rate comes up everything I know about baseball says that Kendrick will have a rocky 2008.  Jamie Moyer is old enough to be Kendrick’s dad.  Moyer’s track record says he will pitch 200 innings for the fortieth season in a row.  However, logic suggests that Moyer will eventually run out of gas and spend time on the disabled list.  Presumably the fifth starter will be Adam Eaton.  I think Eaton is much better than his atrocious 2007 statistics suggest.  If Adam is healthy than he could be a useful piece.  Unfortunately I would not be surprised if we hear the news in spring training that he will be getting season ending surgery.

That leaves Pat Gillick looking through the bargain bin searching for starting pitching.  One option is Josh Towers.  Yes the Josh Towers that was non-tendered by the Blue Jays.  But wait, ask yourself if you were Pat Gillick and had a time machine and could go back in time and sign Carlos Silva to a cheap one-year deal would you?  Because if you would then take another look at Towers.  Lookout Landing has a fantastic post on the remarkable similarities between both hurlers.  In terms of swinging strike percentage, home runs allowed, and ground ball rate Silva and Towers are the same pitcher.  Gillick might also want to sign Towers because he drafted him when he was the general manager of the Orioles.  Josh Towers might be the cure to the Phillies starting pitching woes.

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