The Amy Winehouse of the NBA? your 2007-2008 Atlanta Hawks. it becomes sickening to watch all this lottery talent go to waste because the franchise has a habit that it can't shake. This goes beyond Hawks fans. People in general are disgusted by the wasting away of a once promising season. I saw a man crying in his newspaper this morning. He has never seen a basketball game before. Non-sports fans have begun sit ins and hunger strikes. But the habit remains entrenched. Its grip as firm as ever. Controlling substitutions and play calling at a level that is one step beyond insane. I screamed at the TV last night. "Look at all that you have. Why? Why are you wasting it? The possible rookie of the year is on your court and he has to lead his own fast break to have a chance to score? Why are you choosing to lose when there is so much reason to win? Why? Why?" But the habit just stares back at me blankly. Well, I must say, I am ready for an intervention. It is time for a sit down. I am tired of this habit. It is time to fire Mike Woodson.

First Appeared at Hawks, Dawgs, and Jesus.

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