A-Fraud, A-Roid... as a Sox fan, I'm obligated to come up with 8 names, but I'll save that for another time. While everyone is happy to have a legit reason to hate Roidriguez... dare I say this... he's should still be a first ballot Hall of Famer.

Wow, that was tough, but if I defended [Barry] Bonds, it's only fair I defend Number Dirt-"Clean". (wow, halfway there). If a pitcher wins 500 games... do you discredit games where he was saved by run support, or games against the Pittsburgh Pirates (wow, 2 years ago, the Rays would've been the butt of this joke... what a world we live in) of course, this is completely different the point is at the end of the day... it's about the numbers. And barring a Congress hearing Say-Fraud will surpass Barry as not only the most hated guy in baseball, Home Run King, Best player not to win a ring... damn, he is Barry without the big ass head... Alex Bondriguez (yes that's 6).

Honestly I believe him. I think he got that ridiculous deal and felt pressure to succeed... 2004, everyone started to talk about cheating and he fell back and he would've gotten away with it if it weren't for them meddling kids and their dog. As for the Couric interview of course he would lie... who is Katie Couric... well I mean sure, she's a respected journalist, but you think he was going to come clean on 60 minutes? He was gonna wait until he got caught or until his career was done and 800 home runs later publish a book titled "If I took them".

So what now, do you just asterisk him and move on? Wait for Ryan Howard (please be clean) or do you just accept that steroids was part of the game and leave everything as is and as messed up as it sounds I think that's just would happen. Going back to my point about the pitcher when it comes to stats its hard to factor in anything except the numbers. Hank played in a different era... and who's to say B-AL-Rods (that was kinda lame; I'm going to credit it as 6.5) opposing pitchers weren't as juiced as he was... technically that would level the playing field so then what.

What I'm simply getting at... is that steroids had become as relevant to the game as the "I live for this" motto. It sucks, but you can't undo everything that happens, you cant cancel a Wrongriguez walk off and give the W to the other team. Like any blown call you apologize and don't make the same mistakes.

As for the Crankee (8.5... I fulfilled my obligation to Red Sox Nation lol) himself, shame on him and that's all you can say. He forever tainted his legacy and hope that congress doesn't solve the economic crisis soon because when they do... it's indictment time. Anyone else find it suspicious that weeks after a former Texas Rangers' owner leaves office this leaks... okay, maybe that's a bit much but we can all hope that he never gets that ring because steroids aside he still has to get that to solidify his legacy... tainted or not.

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