Def Jam 1

The basketball and hip-hop culture fusion time-period born in 1984 that is known now as The "Dunkadelic-Era" In America has a headline title to help define each year of The "Dunkadelic-Era". Here are the 25 headline title names from 1984-2009 to commemorate the  25th Anniversary of The "Dunkadelic-Era" In America.

1984 -“Air Jordan” and the Def Jam Remix

1985 -The King of Rock and the "Hoya Paranoia"

1986 -"My Adidas" and the MJ Playoff Record 63

1987 -"Showtime" Gets Paid In Full, and the Doctor Makes His Last House-Call

1988 -The Greatest Year of All-Time for the NBA and Hip-Hop

1989 -"Gangsta Rap" & the Bad Boys of Motown

1990 -The Runnin' Rebels of Hip-Hop College Basketball

1991 -2Pac and the "Fab 5" Come Alive

1992 -The Jordan Repeat, Shaq Fu, and the Day of "Dr. Dre"

1993 - I'm Not a Role Model for Basketball or Hip-Hop

1994 -"The Year Hip-Hop was Reborn"

1995 - Return of "Air Jordan" and the East Coast vs. West Coast Feud

1996 - Here Comes "The Answer" and the Death of a Hip-Hop Icon

1997 -"Life After Death" and MJ Becomes Lord of the Rings

1998 -"The Shot" and the Hard Knock Life

1999 -"Bling Bling" Becomes the New Thing

2000 - Kobe & Shaq Bling Rings, and Talk a Little "Country Grammar"

2001 - The Answer Has "The Blue Print" to Win the NBA MVP

2002- Nelly Raps About His "Air Force Ones", Kobe & Shaq Three-Peat

2003 - "Air Jordan" & Jay-Z Says Goodbye, "King James" and 50-Cent Says Hello

2004 - Motor City Pistons "Brush Their Shoulder's Off'"

2005 - NBA Dress Code, LeBron, D-Wade, and Melo Make Some Noise

2006 - D-Wade & Shaq Bring the Heat, "Witness" King James, and Kobes' 81

2007 - Jay-Z I'm Back, A.I. joins Melo, and the "Kingdom Comes" to King 23

2008 - Boston Beats LA and Lil' Wayne "Lollipops" to the Top

2009 - The 25th Anniversary of The "Dunkadelic-Era", Nuff Said!

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