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Every year there is great debate about the NCAA Division 1 National Championship and whether there should be a playoff system. This year, thanks to the folks at, there will be a playoff. I took the top 16 teams from the final BCS poll before the bowl games and matched them up in a playoff. Here were the rankings.

1. Ohio State

2. LSU

3. V Tech

4. Oklahoma

5. Georgia

6. Mizzou

7. USC

8. Kansas

9. WVU

10. Hawaii

11. Arizona State

12. Florida

13. Illinois

14. BC

15. Clemson

16. Tennessee

I broke the temas up into 4 different sections as such:

1. Ohio State; Tennessee; Kansas; Florida

2. LSU; Clemson; USC; Arizona State

3. V Tech; BC; Mizzou; Hawaii

4. Okla; Illinois; Georgia; WVU

The first two rounds were played at the home field of the higher ranked team. The Final 4 and national championship were played at neutral stadiums.


  1. 1 Ohio State 44 v. # 16 Tennessee 19 - Chris Wells ran all over the Vols racking up 222 rushing yards. Not be outdone, Todd Boeckman threw for 295 yards.
  1. 8 Kansas 30 v. #12 Florida 23 - Kansas shuts down Heisman winner Tim Tebow and eeks out a 4th quarter victory.
  1. 4 Oklahoma 20 v. #13 Illinois 17 - Illinois puts up a great fight and is primed for the upset with a 13-10 lead going into the 4th. However, with no time left Oklahoma knocks in a 38 yard FG.
  1. 5 Georgia 33 v. #9 West Virginia 13 - Slaton and White had no impact on the game as Georgia dominated from kickoff.
  1. 2 LSU 28 v. #15 Clemson 20 – After falling behind 14-0 in the first quarter, LSU stormed back to dominate Clemson. It was all done on the ground as Hester and Scott both broke 100 yards rushing and Keiland Williams was 7 yards short of the century mark.
  1. 7 USC 41 v #11 AZ State 16 – An upset in the making was quashed when USC erased a 9-0 deficit with 2 late 2 nd quarter TDs.
  1. 3 VT 32 v #14 BC 10 – Matt Ryan was picked 3 times as VT cruised 32-10.
  1. 6 Mizzou 26 v #10 Hawaii 42 – The first upset of the playoffs as Hawaii’s passing game was too much for Mizzuo’s defense. Colt Brennan threw for 5 TDS in the 42-26 upset.


  1. 1 Ohio State 23 v. # 8 Kansas 3 – Chris Wells dominated this game as Kansas didn’t get on the board until garbage time.
  1. 4 Oklahoma 34 v. #5 Georgia 36 – Georgia squeaked out the victory with a late 4 th quarter FG and a stout 4 th quarter defense that didn’t let Sam Bradford rally his team to victory.
  1. 2 LSU 9 v. # 7 USC 23 – The actual National Champs couldn’t get anything going as John David Booty led his Trojans to a huge upset victory.
  1. 4 VT 47 v. #10 Hawaii 27 – Hawaii’s dream season comes to an end as VT dominated from the opening kickoff on the way to the blowout victory.

Final Four

  1. 1 Ohio State v. #5 Georgia – The defending Champs manage to find a way to get to the championship game as a ten point 4 th quarter leads to the victory.
  1. 4 VT v. #7 USC – USC makes up for its disappointing (by USC standards) regular season with a stirring 20-7 victory. USC jumped out to a 20 -0 lead in the first half and then held on for dear life at Virginia Tech couldn’t get points inside the 10 yard line twice in the 4 th quarter.


Ohio State 26 USC 10

So there you have it, ladies and gentleman. After a 16 team playoff, Ohio State is your National Champion.

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