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Let me start by saying that I have no idea how the Dallas Cowboys will do this year with Wade Phillips coming in. I'm not thrilled by him, but Bill Parcells leaving is worth something. Basically, this is all even more conjecture than usual. But I'll give it a shot anyway.

Sept. 9 v New York Giants
Cowboys split with the Giants, each team winning at home. Win

Sept. 16 @ Miami Dolphins
Miami is in turmoil. Win

Sept. 23 @ Chicago Bears
I'm not a Chicago believer. Win

Sept. 30 v St. Louis Rams
The Rams are about five seasons into their decline. Win

Oct. 8 @ Buffalo Bills
Bills got nothing. Win

Oct. 14 v New England Patriots
I keep waiting for their Rams-like decline, but it hasn't happened yet. Lose

Oct. 21 v Minnesota Vikings
See Bills. Win

Oct. 28 BYE
I like the placement of the bye week—right in the middle of the season.

Nov. 4 @ Philadelphia Eagles
Same as Giants—split season series. Lose

Nov. 11 @ New York Giants
Season split with the Giants means a loss in the Meadowlands. Lose

Nov. 18 v Washington Redskins
See Bills/Vikes. Win

Nov. 22 v New York Jets
See Bills/Vikes/Skins. Win

Nov. 29 v Green Bay Packers
See Bills/Vikes/Skins/Jets. Win

Dec. 9 @ Detroit Lions
See Bills/Vikes/Skins/Jets/Pack. Win

Dec. 16 v Philadelphia Eagles
What goes around comes around. Win

Dec. 22 @ Carolina Panthers
Toughest pick on the sked because the Panthers are so unpredictable. But since they couldn't get it together last year, and they're all a year older, I'll go with a Cowboy Win

Dec. 30 @ Washington Redskins
Skins still got nothing. Win

Can the Cowboys really go 13-3? The schedule seems to favors it, and I'm not one to usually drink the Cowboy kool-aid—I save that for my Longhorns. Besides, as I mentioned before, not having Parcells and his tension around should be worth something. Note: a 13-3 record would not necessarily make the Boys a great team. But even if they don't quite reach 13-3, they should easily make the playoffs this year, and who knows, they may even win a game once they get there. Anything can happen once you get to the playoffs—just ask Tony Romo, he of the botched hold.

Also published at 110 Percent.

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