It saddens me that once again that I have to write on the unfortunate decisions of an athlete who has clearly chosen to throw a promising NFL career away for the allure of street crime and furthermore, street cred.  This athlete as we all know is now former Bengals WR Chris Henry.  Chris Henry has once again defied reason and logic by his arrest for punching an 18 year old in the face and breaking his glass window with a bottle of beer.  This is the fifth, count them FIFTH time that Chris Henry has been arrested since December of 2005. His previous arrests involve guns, drugs and alcohol.  And apparently the Bengals and FINALLY had enough, that is why he is now a FORMER Bengals WR.  This guy has been given opportunity after opportunity to get himself together, his life together and his career together.  There's no doubt he was given counseling, received support and prayers from others.  There's no doubt that Marvin Lewis, {to his own detriment} stuck by him when many coaches would have cut and released him the first or second time.  In fact, it speaks to the logic of the Bengals franchise why he was given so many chances in the first place.

This time, he dosen't have their support or backing.  He is on his own.  His own agent had no choice but to thank the Bengals for their patience. {That isn't even the word!}

His friend, Whitney Jackson who was also arrested on charges of menacing said in a quote: "I wish that somebody could see that it is not fair that Chris Henry is cut out of football,".    Once again, logic is defied.   It would be amazing to me if he finds his way into an NFL uniform, and yet I definitely think it will happen.

There's no other choice but for the justice system to examine the case thoroughly and to do what is necessary to Chris Henry.  It's not even Strike 3 anymore...

More like Strike 5.


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