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I'm the guy who posted the article "BCS-Why even Bother"  about how flawed the BCS is and based on the games you've seen so far, I was right. These games are blowouts and they end too late. I still say you should end all bowl games on Jan. 1 because the FOX network has egg on their face because for 2 nights in a row they have stand alone games and they were both blowouts. It's one thing to have a blowout, it's another to have a blowout game with teams that people can't get into. Hawaii vs. Georgia? If it was 24-24 in the 4th quarter, that's one thing but it was a blowout by halftime. The end of the 3rd quarter I believe ended around 11:50 p.m. eastern.  Get the games over with on Jan.1, if anything, so people could sleep and not have to stay up for 3 extra nights to see the Fiesta, Orange and BCS Title game.

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