Thank You Frank Mir

I've now started this blog with several different openings and none of them could truly put into words how I feel right now.

I'm elated, walking on cloud nine.

Frank Mir's victory wasn't just about Frank Mir. It wasn't about a former heavyweight champ getting back on the right path. It was so, so much more than that.

It was a victory for MMA.

It was a victory for the legitimacy of a sport that has tried so hard to rid itself of wrestling/bar fighting stereotypes.

It was a victory for anyone who's ever trained BJJ, MMA, Judo and other disciplines.

I have trained with too many guys who bust their ass week in and week out to have some 265 pound WWE freak show steal away the legitimacy of our sport.

Seeing Kurt Angle, The Undertaker and Steve Austin before the fight sickened me. Like I said before Lesnar was the gateway for other wrestlers/football players to come into the sport and claim legitimacy just because "there a big strong tough guy."

Today that gate closed and was closed hard.

I just wish that we could have had a camera on Kurt Angle's face as Lesnar tapped from Mir's heel hook.

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