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Tecmo2K9 01

Welp, another week, another 1-3 showing by Tecmo. Like one commenter said, you could probably make some money betting against the results of these COM-vs-COM simulations at this point... Even so, it's all in good fun, so we're going to keep cranking them out anyway.

First, the usual shoutouts:

  • I didn't make this ROM -- a user named "drummer4god" at's message board did, and you can download it here. Without his hard work, as well as the hard work of everyone at that board, a project like this would be impossible. So thanks, guys, and great work.
  • The emulator I'm using is FCE Ultra v2.0.3.
  • Props as well to Greg the Ex-'Burgher, for originally doing something like this three years ago, and for introducing me to the wonderful world of the TSB Repository in the first place. I don't know if that guy even blogs anymore, but he deserves some credit here.
  • This site and the Sportscenter Altar provided the super-dope NFL Primetime music you hear over the highlights.

Okay, now get ready to wager heavily against these predictions...

Conference championships

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Philadelphia Eagles @ Arizona Cardinals

at University of Phoenix Stadium, Glendale, Arizona
First Half

Second Half Template:Linescore Amfootball
Tecmo2K9 10

Baltimore Ravens @ Pittsburgh Steelers

at Heinz Field, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
First Half

Second Half Template:Linescore Amfootball
Tecmo2K9 11

Template:Tecmo Fan

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