For a while all I heard was how the U.S. Olympics team was going to be screw up and embarrass themselves by losing to a less talented foreign opponent. Well, it has yet to happen. As a matter of fact, Team USA is showing all they need to do is outscore the opposition by a wide margin then feel obligated to finesse and show-boat a little for the fans back home. Now I know Lebron James has came up with the nickname, "Redeem Team" for this year's squad yet this is too much unnecessary pressure to put on the other younger players. Sure the goal is to win the gold while kicking the living tar out of every other team on the schedule in the tournament. All they can do is take this quest one game at a time.

For Team USA, there is no point in getting ahead of themselves and allowing a quicker, smarter opponent to sweep the rug right from under them. As far as the 'we're better than everyone else' attitude goes the players with this mindset will have to put their egos aside for the good of the team. Otherwise too much complaining and arguing on the court evolves and before the US realizes it they're trailing in the championship game with some quirky, underestimated European giving them hell on the offensive end. As long as Team USA stays focus and make crucial stops on defense they'll be A-okay. Up next on the schedule for them is Australia, a country known for their adoration for soccer.

I don't see any other nation giving the U.S. a real scare yet. Lebron James, Dwayne Wade, and Kobe Bryant will try to pave the way to capture Olympics gold for first time since the Dream Team in the mid-90's. I think efficient contributing scoring efforts from their teammates ought to give them enough leverage. Relying on outside shooting is out of the question when they possess plenty of inside capability with post players like Dwight Howard to overwhelm if not dismantle opponents. Of course, a 40-plus points performance by Lebron or Kobe could do no wrong. The proclaimed 'Redeem Team' plans on going far in the tournament and coming out on top.

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