Josh Beckett recorded a career high in strike out by fanning 13 Ray’s and Manny Ramirez stole a base, his first since 2005. So the Red Sox took home a win right? Nope, for the second straight night the Red Sox wasted a brilliant start by their starter to lose. Today the Ray’s put up three runs in the win. Josh Beckett sparkled striking out every Tampa Bay hitter except Eric Hinske and Jason Bartlett. James Shields also sparkled in the 3-0 win by striking out 7 and allowing just two hits in the complete game shutout.

The Ray’s put a run on the board when Jason Bartlett was standing on first. Beckett fired a bullet over to first to check on the runner and miss fired it right down the first baseline, allowing Bartlett to move to first. JD Drew then picked up the ball and fired it towards home plate but the baseball came nowhere close allowing Bartlett to score on the two errors.

The Red Sox could not get anything going on the offensive side of the ball, with only three men reaching base. Dustin Pedroia and Julio Lugo had the team’s only hits while Manny walked. Manny was the only one wearing a Boston uniform to make it to second base. He did so when he swept his first bag since the 2005 season. He is not known for his speed and it was a very close play. David Ortiz again did not make a trip to the plate as he sat out with a bruised knee for the second straight night. The Sox do not want him to play until the swelling goes down. Hopefully the Red Sox offense, who have taken the last two days off, can return soon as well.

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