Oh My God! How do I describe the Champions League Final. The tears of joy from Ronaldo. The tears of sorrow from captain Terry. One can only sympathise with him. He had a 12 yard kick to win the title only to slip and watch the ball hit the post to give united a life line. The turning point of the game for me however was Drogba's red card which was totally unnecessary. It would have been him taking the kick and in all probability not Terry. Giggs could have sealed it in extra time but for Terry's intervention. Penalties it would have to be, with United kicking first. Tevez and Carrick both scored and then came the shocking miss from all people United. Chelsea kept scoring and then it all came down to the last kick with Terry needing to score to win. Heavy rain and memories of Beckham's penalty came back when he slipped and missed. Given the lifeline United capitalised and it was Nicholas Anelka who turned villain missing and giving United and Ferguson their second European Championship.United dominated in the first half where as Chelsea got them in the second. So final score ended 1-1 with Ronaldo and Lampard scoring and 6-5 in the penalty shootout. This was Ferguson's first win in a penalty shoot out as a manager and now we all wonder whether Grant goes with packed bags.

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