The funniest tip to become a winner!

Golfers should always remember, that when they play golf, the first thing to remember on a golf course is "Why am I here today?" Most amateurs golfers are playing golf for fun, either to meet their friends, to have a good time, walking and admire the scenery, listening birds whistling,or water cascades,etc.

They all go there to relax, at least most of them, but some goes there as if they are on a million dollar tournament and they want to win so bad that if theirs friends start playing better then them, they go absolutely nuts, throwing theirs clubs in the woods, when they miss a drive, a putt or even a fairway shot.

Relax, it is just a game, when you miss a shot, instead of jumping and give a bad impression by thinking that you are a winner and you hate to lose,why not trying to figure where you failed and see if you can correct it on your next shot.

Remember this little theory that I will teach you and laugh about it. If you pay $30.00 to play 72, that will cost you .42 cents a shot while if you play 100, it only cost you .30 cents. This is only a joke, but at least you could tell your friend that you are the one who made the best deal today!.They might laugh with you, but you will see a big difference in the attitude with you, knowing that you are a real golfer and not a looser.

Have a nice game and relax Robert


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