They say anything can happen in the Field of 64 and that really is true in Be The Coach College Basketball. Even North Texas or Bucknell could end up cutting down the nets at the Final Four.

Be The Coach is a strategy solitaire basketball simulation game which puts you in the role of college basketball head coach. Choose from hundreds of colleges to lead. You've been given a five year contract to build a winner. Recruit from incoming high school stars and junior college transfers. Try out walk-ons and coach up your player's skills. Try and turn turn Diaper Dandies into All Americans who will lead your team to the promised land. Build a squad capable of competing for conference titles and national ranking. With planning and a little luck, you'll get an invitation to the Big Dance and maybe even a top seed. Hang on through six tough tournament games and claim a National Championship.

College Basketball season is right around the corner. Whet your appetite for NCAA hoops with this addictive simulation game. Your coaching career could span decades and get you in the Hall of Fame. But don't get the job done and you'll be back to watching Dick Vitale from your couch.

Play now at

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