1. Joe Montana-cool joe should be 1 on everybody's list
  2. Johnny Unitas-the golden boy of the 50's was just as dominating as any QB of any era
  3. Brett Favre-he made everyone realize that the game of football is still a game, and had the strongest arm of all time and holds the yards, TDs,and unfortunately, also the INT records
  4. Dan Marino-was the best of the 80's, he threw it straight to his receivers. the way he did that i wonder if hes the best at throwing darts too ;) 
  5. John Elway-very,very,very strong arm and the master of the 4th quarter comeback, and two SB rings earn him a spot in the top 5
  6. Peyton Manning- i am 13 and know a lot about football, and titans and colts are my favorite teams, and i didn't get to see all the other greats play, except on their highlight reels. but with Peyton, during the season, week in and week out, he is the best QB that I ever got to watch.(until he got to the playoffs)He is better than Tom Brady, no arguments, and he has a very strong arm, but is very accurate as well. when he won SBMVP, there was nothing else he had to prove. he was one of the best QB's of all time, and had done what so many other all time greats had failed to do, such as warren moon, Dan Fouts, ken Anderson, Marino, and Tarkenton. win the SB.
  7. Fran Tarkenton- best scrambler of all time, no questions. also could throw very well, yet with a weak arm.
  8. Steve Young-great scrambler who evolved into a great passer who evolved into a great Super Bowl winning quarterback
  9. Dan Fouts-stiff most of the time, but could chuck a ball 70 yards and with accuracy
  10. Roger Staubach-great scrambler that every body loved to watch play
  11. Ken Anderson-pioneer of the west coast offense and a truly great quarterback who was seriously underrated
  12. Sammy Baugh-the 1st who really started to pass
  13. Phil Simms-underrated who had a great performance in the SB he played in
  14. Bobby Layne-he never lost a game, the clock just decided to quit sometimes
  15. Jim Kelly-not only the toughest QB of all time, but 2nd toughest player of all time, only behind Jack Youngblood
  16. Warren Moon-greatest black QB of all time
  17. Terry Bradshaw-lets just say the blonde bomber wasn't the smartest player ever, but could throw a ball 70 yards and played his best in the second halfs of the SB's he won
  18. Ken Stabler-threw plenty of INT's but was a great come from behind QB and a great leader
  19. Bart Starr-great player who really brought a bunch of players to play better just because of his presence. Greatest leader of all time
  20.  Norm Van Brocklin-the dutchman was truly a great QB
  21. Sonny Jurgensen-great passer and a great leader on a not so great team
  22. Bob Griese-didn't get to pass much, but when he did he didn't waste his chance
  23. Otto Graham- didn't have great stats, but 10 championships in 10 seasons is amazing
  24. Joe Namath- a great leader who, I think played the best ball control offense of all time
  25. Tom Brady-was pretty good,but the SB wins weren't because of him, he is just on a great franchise built by bill belechick(the cheater)
  26. Troy Aikman-for those of you surprised, don't be, because he was nothing special. He had absolutely WONDERFUL players around him. His choices were throw it to 1 of 3 great receivers, Michael Irvin, Alvin Harper, or Jay Novacek or give it to the all time rushing leader, Emmitt Smith.those players got him to 3 SB's, not him
  27. Boomer Esiason-lefty that knew what he was doing
  28. Joe Theismann-great, tough player that should be in the hall of fame.
  29. Rich Gannon-hero of Oakland
  30. Drew Bledsoe-not a great leader, but a great passer
  31. Steve McNair
  32. Jim Hart
  33. Randall Cunningham
  34. John Hadl
  35. Y.A. Tittle
  36. Roman Gabriel
  37. John Brodie
  38. Bernie Kosar
  39. Craig Morton
  40. Jim Plunkett
  41. Babe Parilli
  42. George Blanda
  43. Sid Luckman
  44. Mark Brunell
  45. Ben Roethlisberger
  46. Archie Manning
  47. Drew Brees
  48. Eli Manning
  49. Vinny Testaverde
  50. Carson Palmer

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