This article is also viewable at my website, theroguehour.   So there's good news and bad news in Wisconsin sports these days, good news and bad new in the world in general. For instance there is still reason to believe in the averge joe's innate sense of humanity, but not a lot of reasons to think the this alone will swat away from human beings deep set prejudices that have spanned back to almost the beginning of recorded time, but that is more a topic for one of my other posts. This post is about what happened to the fiery, aggressive shirt untucked abandon the Brewers started the season with, how AR's career up to now is just begging for a 'Rocky' like ending, and comparing Michael Redd's diminishing offensive skills to a succubus sucking the life out of the Bucks. So lets begin shall we . . .

Packers B+ Whoooooooo!!!!! HHAHHHAHHAAAAA!!!!! Yeaaaah!! Suck on that Brett, you pompous ass!!! Ok just had to get that out of my system. I know it's only one game, Rodgers might suck next week in the Dome in Detroit, but I mean you have to give him some props not only for his performance in his first NFL start with the scrutiny he was going to be under, but for the way he has handled himself throughout the whole summer with 'The Great One's' era in Green Bay coming to an end. A lesser man might have caved to the pressures of expectations but not AR. Keep it up Aaron, finish the season with a playoff berth or even winning record and you will have TT as a friend/lapdog for life. Seriously Rodgers performance was very solid in his first showing. 18-22, no picks, and a handful of big plays that sustained drives and set up scores. I'm too lazy to look up his efficiency rating right now, but I don't think you can ask for much more out of the QB position. Now by all means I espouse the philosophy of Mr. Wolf from Pulp Fiction and agree that we shouldn't start sucking our own d*@ks just yet, but this kind of start bodes well for the future of young AR ( and quiets naysayers).

Here are the latest training camp notes from the MSJ. Some things to note:

Woodson is injured (again) this time it is a fracture in his big toe. Seems like he always plays every season with 1 or 2 nagging injuries. I wonder would he be just a lockdown corner if he could stay healthy four months in a row.

With Ryan Grant questionable for the Lion's game (still with the hamstring. If you are going to try to exploit your performance during the last 8 games of a season for a bigger contract the next at least stay in shape for it) this is the wrong time for Brandon Jackson to be nursing a concussion.

Sucks for Ruvell Martin to fracture his hand right now. Before training camp most fans thought this guy would be cut at some point but he has developed a good reproire with AR that is allowing him to put some of his skills on display. By the time he can come back people might have forgotten his improvement.

Back to gloating about victory over the Vikings because they are the Vikings, props to Railbird Central for calling it.

Brewers D. Because they are pretty much playing like crap now right? 3-7 in the last ten, still 4.5 games back. Losing to teams they should be beating, week offensive performances, questionable game management decisions by Yost (ok that ones always been a given), what is going on with the Crew? The Cubs have lost 8 of their last 10, we could have regained the division lead. Even thru these horrendous performances though I guess it is a good sign that they are still hanging on to a positive attitude. There's a variety of opinions out there on why the Brewers are playing the way they are but the bottom line is really very simple: they have to *&$%^$! play better. Everyone knows these next two series against the Cubs and Phillies are pivotal to the division and wild card race and just might make or break the Crews season (interestingly enough it might all come down to a coin flip). Always on point Right Field Bleachers has a series preview in an interview with Phillies bloggers Phillies Nation.

The Brewers ended up calling up 10 players for the stretch run. From looking at their stats none of them are exactly tearing it up, but they all look solid at least. I know Brad Nelson had some timely hits. But maybe that is less about adding help for the post season and more about getting a look at some of the guys who will be playing next year?

The Brewer Nation came up with an interesting scenario on how Ned Yost could inject some energy into this club, but I doubt he would either do or say this.

Bucks Bucks have a new NBDL affiliate, the Fort Wayne Mad Ants. Nice name. I've been to Fort Wayne before. I guess an ant is as good a choice for a descriptor of the city as any. Their roster right now is kind of weak though. Only player of real interest is Dahntay Jones from Duke, but they are carrying one Larry Turner who played at my Alma mater Tennessee State University in Nashville (never heard of him).

Well the Olympic pretty much exposed Michael Redd and all the holes in his game and pretty much broke up the myth of him being one of the purest shooters in the league. I was embarrassed for Redd like you feel sorry for the guy on the playground who is just not quite as athletic as his teammates and they're all playing above the rim, but he's just kind of cherry picking, yeah embarrassing like that. Brew Hoop has an interesting poll on who the best Bucks player is. Something tells me Redd's automatic designation as such will be coming to an end, soon.

On the other end of the spectrum this is one Bucks player who has never recieved enough props.

Badgers B+. UW has climbed to No. 10 in both polls. Probably too high for this team right now, but I'll take it. This team is young and full of inexperience at some key positions so the path they're going to take this year is really kind of unpredictable. Everidge has played with poise and efficiency thus far, but how will he perform when we play teams like Michigan and Ohio State? All we can do is wait and see, but if we have to lose a couple of games I'd rather it be in the next few weeks so there'd be some time to make up for it in the polls. Even if we lose to Michigan and OSU I could see still getting a major bowl by running the table the backend of the schedule with the only really tough games coming at home against Penn State and Illinois.

Two starters are set to return Saturday against Fresno State (whose team worries me btw) preseason All-American TE Travis Beckum and linebacker Johnathan Casillas. Getting some of that veteran leadership back can't come too soon.

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