Let’s think back for a minute…Remember a few years ago Terrell Owens had over 20 million reasons to live. Twenty million reasons to not be a pill popper and end his life. Now let’s fast forward…Currently it looks as if Jerry Jones has 3.1 million reasons to part ways with the 35-year old receiver before June. Oh that, along side with the fact the perception that he's not the easiest guy to work with either…So I’ve heard. This combination of sorts might just have a little something to do with the speculation that the Cowboys might release him in the coming months.

Wow, no kidding? Amazing! Not the easiest to get along with…One who does a team more harm than good actually might be released. Holy shit! I’m holy shitting due to the fact that there shouldn’t be any speculation what so ever…This isn’t a tough decision at all! A tough call would be either a blonde or brunette, apple sauce or rice cakes…This is a no brainer! Although since we’re talking about Jerry Jones and the Cowboys, I wouldn’t be surprised for him to be around next season only because the new stadium is opening up. More fannies in the seats, more Bens in Jer-Jers pocket! Got to pay off $1 billion some how. However, various reports confirm that Owens tenure in Dallas could be all but over.

No doubt Jerry Jones has a shit load of questions in his head about the Popcorn Man…The first question should and needs to be is investing $3.1 million more dollars in cancer spreading it all through the team worth having another worthless season? Aside from one big question that hasn’t been answered aside from when Bill Parcells was roaming the sidelines…"Do we have anybody on staff who can control T.O.?". Even when Tuna was holding court in Big D, Owens still managed to make the airwaves…Having felt "disrespected" by the way Parcells came at him. Well, good news T.O., the Tuna has swam south, so no worries!

What is a worry for Owens is that come June he might very well be filling out unemployment papers like so many of us have done across the nation. Cowboys should and need to part ways with this disease! For the dumbasses out there who tend to think if the Cowboys let the cancerous one go, he’s only going to come back and haunt you in the end…I ask you, on what foundation does that thought come from? First of all, he’s 35-years old…He’s lost a step or two…Wheels are close to falling off! Has become, (in addition to not being the best teammate) to develop a serious case of cast-iron skillet hands disease. And has he come back to haunt San Francisco? Baltimore? Philadelphia? Somehow I don’t think so. So for all you dumbshits that think that, well, I guess you still think there’s a monster in your closet and you have to still sleep with a night light on! Since joining the Cowboys, how has Owens helped the team? (UTTER SILENCE) Yeah, thought so! So how about doing some radiation therapy to cure the problem? And use that 3.1 to sign T.J. Hosurmama? Or if Jerry still wants a big name…Ocho Stinky, where you at, boy?

Besides, isn’t it time for Jerry Jones to clean up the Cowboys a little? Tank Johnson…Pacman Jones…Terrell Owens. True, Owens doesn’t come packing like the other two…And a much better person off the field, (I think…Simply put, doesn’t want to put a cap in anyone) than Pacman. T.O. has never fought his bodyguard in a hotel bathroom, (there’s nothing like a real-life like game of Pacman at 2 am) doesn't murder puppies, (how ya doing Michael Vick?) Rather, he just shits on teams…Makes himself bigger than the collective and in the end always looking like an asshole! And whose trademark saying goes something like…" I Love Me Some Me ". And he wonders why the perception of him is the way it is, funny! What a JAGGOFF!

So if Owens has popped his last pill in Dallas, where does he go next? Of course besides from Oakland…But the Black Hole would be a lovely fit now, wouldn’t it? AGAIN, UTTER SILENCE!! How about in San Francisco so Mike Singletary can beat his f-ing ass and then tell him to take a shower!! I know some dumbass GM will sign him if available…But really, who?

Hey, I hear the Giants need a top receiver…

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