Hey Tracy, it's me, the little voice in your head. I heard your team is about to get swept out of the first round of the playoffs, and your team had home court! Your team just lost 2 in a row at home to the Utah Jazz, who were 17-24 on the road and now you're making them look like the greatest playoff road team ever.

I know it's tough that not only will you have had a 22 game win streak only to get your ass kicked in the first round of the playoffs again, and that you've never won a playoff series in your whole career. That's why I'm here to give you two options as your NBA career winds down. Okay T-Mac, are you ready? Good, now listen carefully.

Retire, Call it a Day

Sorry Tracy, maybe you're just not meant to win a playoff series. Even though you're only 28 years old, something tells me your body can't take it. Maybe the basketball gods don't see you worthy enough to be in the 2nd round of the playoffs. A two time NBA scoring champion, a 7 time NBA All-Star, a 6 time All-NBA selection, 2000-2001 NBA's Most Improve Player. Honestly T-Mac, you are quite the accomplished star.

Again, I know you're only 28 and you have the potential to play until you're 36 but look at yourself. Look how banged up you are. You've suffered back spasms, you were out on a stretcher 3 years ago because of severe spasms and it's so bad it's essentially a chronic problem. T-Mac you're playing with a brace on your shoulder as we speak. How can you take the pain?

Think about this route, you've accomplished more than any other player who hasn't sniffed round 2 of the playoffs, and do you really want to risk your career later on to the point where you can't walk anymore? I didn't think so.

Listen very carefully to option 2 now Tracy.

Get Out of Houston

Yeah yeah, I know you have like two more seasons left on the table, but come on, Houston is another failure. You've been there for what, 4 seasons? The results have not been pretty. Twice you lost in game 7 in the first round, including a 40 point whitewash to Dallas. Didn't even make the playoffs in 05-06, and it looks like the Rockets may not even win a game against Utah.

There is not much time left in your career McGrady, whether it's age or your chronic back spasms, it will catch up with you. Get out of Houston before you set yourself up for more disappointment and go to a contender. May I suggest some teams you should think about going to?

1. Orlando Magic. It's your former team, you can accompany Jameer Nelson in the backcourt, and Dwight Howard is more athletic and is all around better than Yao Ming. That's a true dominant big man you want and need for your quest to win a championship first round playoff series.

2. Phoenix Suns. Okay they probably won't need you, but again, adding you to their roster would make them fully loaded. Imagine it now, you to Nash, who throws it back to Amare, who, double teamed, finds you at the top of the key for an open three. Swish! Nothing but nylon.

3. Golden State Warriors. They missed the playoffs only because they were in the Western Conference. The only question is, can you catch up with the rest of the Warriors, who can run rings around any team (and shoot like crap).

4. Toronto Raptors. Why not finish your career with the team that picked you 9th overall straight out of high school? They really need another star player to help Chris Bosh and you and that Bargnani kid could really do wonders. Certainly you can help Jamario Moon or Sun or whatever not turn the ball over. They need someone with experience, and you may just be the perfect fit.

It's up to you T-Mac. I'd think about trading.

Well it looks like my time is up. But wait!! There is that 3rd option I kinda sorta mentioned in that last option.

Stay in Houston Until Your Contract Expires

You could just do that and hope that in one of those 2 remaining years you have in your contract Yao will actually be healthy and you have a competent bench. Maybe all you need is at least 1 more year before you can reach your "promise land". Get the monkey off your back, get it off the Rockets, and your coach Rick Adelman.

The choice is yours Mr. McGrady, any of those options you select could change your basketball career around forever. I think you have little reason to stay in Houston, you may think otherwise. Good night Tracy.

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