Beat that Peyton, now Tom Brady is the TD king and Peyton is the defending Super Bowl MVP; who would've thought? Brady took 49 out of 50 votes, Favre got the other vote making him a verrrrrrrrrrrry distant second. Randy Moss, who some felt was the key to the Patriots getting 16-0 and every record known to man, didn't recieve a single vote.

The eight-year veteran who already has won three Super Bowls helped the Patriots tear through the record books by throwing for 50 touchdowns. He beat Peyton Manning's league mark by one, and also threw 23 of those TD passes to Randy Moss, which lifted the receiver past Jerry Rice's record of 22.

New England scored 589 points, another record, as was the Patriots' 75 touchdowns. Brady led the NFL with a 117.2 passer rating -- no, not another record, but close to Manning's 121.1 in 2004.(Anyone else surprised at how quickly people stopped talking about that one) Only one full-time AFC starter, Jacksonville's David Garrard, had fewer than Brady's eight interceptions. And Brady threw 253 more passes than Garrard.

So far the postseason awards been pretty obvious, Adrian Peterson was the offensive rookie of the year since Week 5, Bill Belichick went 16-0 and was the runaway Coach of the Year winner, Patrick Willis was the only reason to watch the 49ers games as he easily took defensive rookie of the year.

"To be honest, I'm surprised it took so long for him to get this recognition because he's sort of been our MVP since he stepped on the field in '01, in my mind, and the way he just took over," Owner Bob Kraft said. "He treats everyone in that locker room the same way he treats me or the coaches."

Brady is the first ever New England Patriot to win MVP, and the first QB to since Peyton won in 2004. Brady was forbidden to talk to the media by Belichick..I mean he was unavailable for comment.

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